Vir2 Instruments Cinematic Thunder Epic Orchestral Toms KONTAKT | 2.53 Gb

Vir2 Instruments are proud to present Cinematic Thunder: Epic Orchestral Toms. Recorded in a large concert hall in central California from three mic positions for complete flexibility, Cinematic Thunder delivers an epic sound. From soft and warm to big and bombastic, Cinematic Thunder is an absolute and indispensable production tool.

Cinematic Thunder contains four master patches: Solo Sticks, Solo Mallets, Group Hits and Group Random. The master patches are the natural sound as they were recorded. Each master patch has a corresponding �Slam" patch. The slam versions have a bigger, more aggressive sound that is perfect for your next trailer or action cue.

Each drum in the �Solo� patches has left and right hand hits, flams, 3-stroke ruffs, 5-stroke ruffs, and rolls. There are also combo hits in the highest octave. The Combo hits consist of two toms being struck simultaneously. We sampled hits from highest pairs to lowest. In other words, 8�&10� toms, 10�&12� toms, 12�&14� toms, 14�&16� toms, and 16�&18� toms.

1. Group Hits
2. Group Random
3. Solo Mallets
4. Solo Sticks
5. Group Hits Slam
6. Group Random Slam
7. Solo Mallets Slam
8. Solo Sticks Slam

Thunder Ensemble
Thunder Struck

Left & Right Hand Hits
Three Stroke Ruffs
Five Stroke Ruffs

Recorded from three mic positions: Stage, Tree & Surround
Solo and group patches
Up to eight velocity layers and three round robins

Kontakt 5.3.0 required