Microsoft Office 2011 SP3 v14.3.9 Full ACTiVATED (Mac OSX) | 1.1 GB

Microsoft Office 2011 helps you create professional documents and presentations. And since Office for Mac 2011 is compatible with Office for Windows, you can work on documents with virtually anyone, anywhere.

Work well with others. Be on the same page with Office for Mac and Office for Windows, including new features in Office 2010. Whether you're looking to share files or work together online, now you can do it with complete confidence, knowing that Office for Mac is most compatible with Office for Windows. With Office being used on more than 1 billion Macs and PCs worldwide, you can work with practically anyone you want, how you want, wherever you more.

- Meeting invitation times are displayed inaccurately in Outlook. Fixes an issue that causes meeting invitation times from non-Exchange calendar servers to be off by one hour during certain times of the year.
- Slides in collapsed sections cover other slides in Slide Sorter view in PowerPoint. Fixes a display issue that involves collapsed sections in Slide Sorter view.
- Hash tags (#) in hyperlinks aren't saved correctly in PowerPoint. Fixes an issue in which hyperlinks that contain hash tags (#) aren't saved correctly.
- Crash occurs when you use Paste Special with a partial table in PowerPoint. Fixes an issue that causes PowerPoint to crash when you use the Paste Special option to copy and paste part of a table.
- RTF text that's saved in PowerPoint for Windows can't be pasted into PowerPoint. Fixes an issue in which RTF text that's saved in PowerPoint for Windows can't be copied and pasted into PowerPoint for Mac.

Improvements for Outlook for Mac 2011
This update fixes an issue in which automatic configuration did not work correctly for accounts.
This update addresses an issue when importing data from a PST file. If an email message in the PST file contains inline images followed by attachments (in that order), the attachments will be missing from the message after it is imported in Outlook for Mac.
This update fixes an issue in which certain kinds of distribution lists were not being recognized correctly as distribution lists and could not be expanded.
This update addresses an issue when you use a Gmail account in Mac Outlook 2011 14.2 and later versions. When you move a message between folders, a duplicate of it was incorrectly created in the All Mails folder.
This update addresses an issue in which spaces sometimes disappear when pasting content from Word or replying to messages generated in windows Outlook (which uses WordMail as editor). The issue was caused by incorrect parsing of the copied content in Outlook for Mac.
This update adds a designated error to inform users when an expired password results in authentication failure. Previously, users were not provided this level of detail when an authentication failure occurred.

Make the Most of Every Minute
Create documents from polished templates. Rely on Outlook for Mac for your e mail needs and more.
And use the Office for Mac ribbon interface that gives you the tools you need at your fingertips
and a familiar Office experience across PC and Mac. What could be more efficient than that

Template Gallery: More themes, more templates, more customizable.
Easily access thousands of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel 2011 themes and templates,
and use them to create beautiful, professional looking documents.
Quickly find recent documents so you can get right back to work.
You can also customize and preview any theme or template before selecting it
so you know youve got what you need on the first try.

New Database and Conversation View: Consolidate and easily access your e mail.
Office for Mac 2011 delivers a new application for all your mission critical e mails,
scheduling, contacts, and more Outlook for Mac 2011. The new database stores data in individual,
accessible files, making Outlook for Mac compatible with Spotlight and Time Machine.
The new Outlook for Mac also enables you to manage long e mail conversations into a simple,
compact formso you can quickly get up to speed on the whole story.

Perform common tasks, fast.
Office for Mac 2011 features a dynamic ribbon interface that puts commonly used features
right where you need them, in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for Mac.
Weve translated the ribbon for the Mac to help streamline the creation of polished documents,
presentations, spreadsheets, and e mail. Office for Mac 2011 feels familiar,
whether you are a longtime Mac user or use Office on a PC.

What's New in Version Service Pack 3 v14.3.9:

This update fixes critical issues and also helps to improve security. It includes fixes for vulnerabilities that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of your computer's memory with malicious code.

This update fixes an issue in which Outlook repeatedly tried to send messages that exceeded certain server-side size limits from the Outbox. Now, messages that exceed these size limits are put in the local Drafts folder after three unsuccessful attempts to send the messages.

This update fixes an issue in which syncing a folder from which many messages were deleted on another client frequently caused Microsoft Outlook for Mac to freeze.

This update fixes an issue that causes Word to be unable to save files to an SMB share.

Coauthoring session with Microsoft PowerPoint Web App and Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac

Fixes an issue in which all updates during a coauthoring session with the PowerPoint Web App client come through as conflicts.
After token expires, does not prompt for credentials in Microsoft Outlook for Mac.

Fixes an issue that causes Outlook for Mac not to prompt for credentials after the Kerberos token expires.

Calibri Light font not included in Office for Mac
Fixes an issue in which Mac users experienced poor rendering of Office 2013 shared documents. The Calibri Light font resources are now included with the latest update.

SetupUI is shown to user on start after Office for Mac is already activated

Fixes an issue in which, upon startup, the user is prompted to reactivate the subscription when multiple Office for Mac applications start.

Saving files to SkyDrive and SharePoint in Microsoft Word for Mac
Fixes an issue that causes an incorrect name to be suggested when you save a Word for Mac document to SkyDrive or SharePoint.

Folder contains excess white space: Error 1025 in Outlook for Mac
Fixes an issue in which folder names with leading white-space characters are not accepted for Gmail accounts.

XLIST command that is used by Gmail is deprecated in Outlook for Mac
Fixes an issue in which the discontinued XLIST command for Gmail uses the IMAP List Extension for Special User Mailboxes to detect special-use folders.

Local group mail cannot be sent in Outlook for Mac
Fixes an issues in which messages that are addressed to local contact groups in Outlook for Mac cannot be sent.

Remote devices lose control while in Presentation Mode in Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac
Fixes an issue in which keyboards and remotes may lose control in a PowerPoint for Mac slide show.

File format extension support in PowerPoint for Mac
Fixes an issue in which Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 content may be lost when it is saved in PowerPoint for Mac 2011.

Searching continues after user cancels in Outlook for Mac
Fixes an issue in which item searches in Outlook for Mac continue in the background after the user cancels the searches within the application.

Items go into Junk Mail in Outlook for Mac
Fixes an issue in which messages that are sent from an account that is present in the Blocked Sender list in Outlook for Mac are displayed in Junk Mail instead of in Sent Items.

Blocked Senders List under Junk Email Protection in Outlook for Mac
Fixes an issue in which the wrong senders are blocked for certain kinds of accounts and account formatting in the Blocked Senders list under Junk Email Protection.

System Requirements:
Mac OS X version 10.5.8 or later and an Intel CPU.

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