Digital Juice Juice Drops Collection 1 Clear Intent D11 DVD9-SUNiSO
Digital Juice Juice Drops Collection 1 Clear Intent D11 DVD9-SUNiSO | 4.25 GB

After a three year hiatus, Juice Drops are BACK -- and they're bigger and better than ever! We are rebooting the Juice Drops line with a set of ALL NEW Juice Drops Collections. Unlike the older Juice Drops volumes which had up to 100 layered images per volume, these new collections contain 400 or more brand new layered Photoshop files. While the previous incarnation of the line focused each volume on a specific style or theme, these new collections contain a wide variety of styles, themes and looks.

In this first Collection One, there are a large selection of backgrounds specifically inspired by our Digital Juice Fonts. and with areas designed specifically for type. As before, each Juice Drop "Art You Take Apart" background is still a finished complete graphic delivered with all the original layers intact for easy customization for any type of design use -- from billboards to web pages, from panning motion graphics to packaging. A pre-flattened version is also provided so that, with the help of the Juicer, you can bring Juice Drops art into any graphics application at any size in a wide variety of graphics formats.

- 12 DVDs
- 100 Gigabytes
- 400+ Layered Photoshop Files
- 36 Categories & Themes
- 22 Styles & Techniques
- Resolutions up to 6000x3375 (20"x11.25" 300 DPI)
- 7500 Total Number of Layers ar ar ar ar ar

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