Avid Torq v2.0.3 (Win / Mac OS X)

Avid Torq v2.0.3 (Win / Mac OS X) | 132 MB

Torq? 2.0 DJ software takes you beyond beat matching and into the future of DJ performance and real-time production. Don't just spin tracks-reinvent them. Take advantage of all four decks to create unique, complex, and dynamic mixes. Develop your own sound using high-quality, innovative effects and a powerful built-in sampler. Go beyond crossfading by transitioning between tracks in exciting new ways using the innovative new Traq Morph? feature. You can easily integrate Torq 2.0 with turntables, CD decks, and a variety of popular DJ controllers-or run the software on its own. Designed for rock-solid stability and peak performance, Torq 2.0 gives you unlimited ways to create your own sound on the dance floor, in the studio, and beyond.


The Essentials
*Cue, beat-match, and mix digital audio files (including MP3, AIFF, WAV, WMA, AAC, and CD audio)
*Organize digital audio files (including iTunes libraries) into an updated, easily searchable database that can handle tens of thousands of tracks
*Use crates and playlists to organize tracks
*4 full-featured decks for loading and playing files, each with EQ, level control, headphone cueing, and crossfade
*6 cue points
*Standalone functionality-no hardware peripherals required

*Compatible with select M-Audio DJ hardware including Xponent and Conectiv
*Compatible with select third-party audio interfaces and DJ controllers including
*Numark NS7, Vestax VCI-300, and others
*Compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered, Ableton Live, and other audio production software via ReWire

*Vinyl and CDJ emulation control modes
*Utilize turntables or DJ CD players to control your tracks (requires a compatible audio interface and Torq Control Vinyl/CDs, sold separately)
*Skip Protection keeps the music playing even if the Control Vinyl or CD skips
*True Key Lock keeps the pitch constant when adjusting external turntable speed
*Controllable via mouse, keyboard, and/or MIDI controller
*Transmit/receive MIDI beat clock for sync with other hardware/software and easy switching between DJs
*MIDI soft takeover prevents parameter jumps when using external controllers

Tempo and Pitch Alteration
*Tempo Anchors allow marking tracks with varying tempos-effects and samples follow the tempo changes in the song
*Tempo Anchors enable you to eliminate tempo variations, making it easy to mix varied songs
*Tempo Master assigns a playing track to serve as the master tempo source for all tempo-related functions
*zplane's lastique time-stretching/compression technology for sophisticated beat matching and pitch alteration

Effects and Live Remixing
*13 high-quality built-in effects including filter, phaser, strobe, delay, flanger, reverb, distortion, repeat, brake, reverse, and more
*Patent-pending Traq Morph feature transforms your sound with unique filter, cut, duck, and morph effects as you crossfade between tracks
*Comes with over 100 MB of ready-made loops to feed the sampler
*Supports optional third-party VST effects
*Up to four simultaneous effect inserts per deck
*Internal effects can be grouped into effects chains
*VST effect tempo synchronizes with tempo of playing deck
*Effects can be used in a post-fader configuration
*Snapshots let you recall settings and configurations with a single keystroke
18-cell, tempo-synced sampler
*Integrated performance recorder

Advanced Looping Functionality
*Loop points can be set after a section plays
*QuickLoop option for CDJ-style loop division
*Quantize function for start/stop accuracy

User Interface
*Completely new user interface design
*Remove sections from screen to conserve space
*Preview songs in headphones before loading to deck
*Database categories for bit rate, file type, year, and label
*Select multiple files to add to playlists
*Musical Style Preferences improve results when analyzing tracks
*Drag and drop songs into decks while in browser max view
*Warning message if loading a new song onto a Deck that is playing
*Warning message when attempting to exit Torq
*Optimized control locations
*Intuitive toolbar buttons and MIDI/tempo indicators
*Global Tempo metronome can be monitored in headphones
*Auto Gain feature matches the gain levels between decks
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