Easy Guitar Tuner v1.6 Retail Mac OS X
Easy Guitar Tuner v1.6 Retail Mac OS X | 15 MB Just click the buttons and tune the guitar with the sound of the tuned string! ========== EasyGuitarTuner has: - Mode for automatic repeating of the playing sounds, - Original instrument sound. - Retina display improvements - Automatic repeating of the playing sounds - Wikipedia information and buying hints - 10 new pitches modes: - Baroque, - Scientific, - France1859, - New Philharmonic, - Concert Pitch, - Boston Symphony Orchestra, - New Berliner Philarmoniker, - Old Berliner Philharmoniker, - Renaissance Have a lot of fun making music!!! Buy a premium to download file with fast speed Rapidgator.net thanks http://rapidgator.net/file/2eaa5565f....OS.X.rar.html