Adobe Muse CC 2015 build 597 by m0nkrus | 256 Mb

Adobe Muse - visual site designer operating on the principle of "mapping the changes in real time". Thus, the developer is not required to access the HTML code of the site - edit panel allows you to work with web page as images. Obviously, this approach focuses on the creation of development environments available to the user without special education.

Software Muse uses new web standards, including HTML5 and CSS3 (with the support of these standards browsers), and combines the accuracy of design, creative freedom and the opportunity to work with libraries and platforms when adding navigation, widgets and HTML code to develop interactivity on the website. Muse allows you to make customizable widgets like navigation menus, drag & drop elements. Users can add fully customizable interactive elements including slideshows, tooltips and complex hover effects (remote rollover). Muse allows you to build ready-made HTML snippets of code from various sources, including Google Maps, YouTube and Facebook. In addition, Muse allows you to make a test site stored on Adobe's servers, for testing and evaluation. In the future, these sites can be sent to customers, and translate them into paid hosting servers Adobe or export to FTP to the sites of other hosting providers.

Advantages Muse CC 2014:

Compact screen. Great opportunity. Create unique versions of sites for desktops, tablet devices and smartphones. Work with text at all - just edit the text once and the changes will take effect everywhere. Add slideshows and other elements optimized for touch interfaces by dragging and dropping widgets. Set up icons to dial a number, bring up maps, or send e-mails.

Exciting effects. Without writing any code. Add scroll effects to make your website more attractive and memorable. Bring images and elements move in different directions and at different speeds. Apply transparency to add a slow effect to the appearance or disappearance to the text object or image. Apply scroll effects to the slide show and animations created in Adobe Edge-triggered on a mouse click or touch screen on mobile devices.

Edit active web sites directly in the browser. Thanks to the editing functions in the browser In-Browser Editing owners of existing sites can make minor changes to the sites directly in the browser, regardless of whether the provider of hosted with Adobe or another company. You can then synchronize the updates with the original Adobe Muse files.

Easily start new projects. Take advantage of new Adobe Muse resources: mini-applications, files, you need to get started, frames and design elements (buttons and icons), located in the community of designers to quickly begin work on a new project. To use any resource in your project, simply download it to your desktop and click it - it will appear in the Library panel in Adobe Muse.

New features of Dreamweaver CC 2015:

Find the perfect photo. Choose the image for their site in the store Adobe Stock. Browse a constantly expanding library of photos and images and download them to use on their websites.
Develop projects with fonts Adobe Typekit. Get access to thousands of fonts from Adobe Typekit and use them on their websites for PC and mobile devices. Adobe Muse provides the convenience of using purchased fonts within Creative Cloud membership.
Add blogs, shopping and more. Create a website with almost unlimited functionality. Use blogs, shopping carts, and other useful widgets downloaded from the "Library".
Update contact forms. You can now add radio buttons and check boxes in the contact form, making it easy for site visitors to enter accurate information.
And much more. As well as code optimization, and ensure compliance with site Adobe Muse latest web standards for all browsers, platforms and devices.

The list of changes:

A number of original installer files replaced by patched (cracked PainteR).
Unlocked the hidden developers the possibility of treatment with the help of keygen.
The distribution is integrated utility Adobe Update management Tool 8.0 (developed PainteR), which allows you to set the "cloud" upgrade.
In the folder Crack inside the image there are a set of tools and detailed instructions that allow to register Adobe Muse CC 2015.
To the Kuts installer ESD-version added a menu similar to the Box-version. Made it in the image and likeness of a similar menu of programs line of CS4.

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