Soundbox Essential Afro Tech Vocals (30/6/2015)

Soundbox Essential Afro Tech Vocals
AUDIOSTRiKE 23/06/2015 | 1.07 GB

Essential Afro Tech Vocals has been compiled from the Soundbox vaults from their Hot and Award selling vocal packs. 5 collections including Afro Tech Vocals 1, 2, 3, 4 and Afro Tech Glitch Vocals make up this insane 1.62GB of the coolest loops available.

Whether you make Deep House, Techno, Glitch, EDM or DnB this behemoth pack of audio weaponry will keep you in vocals for ages to come.

Use these ready to go vocals straight out of the box or get crazy crafting your own by mix and matching from the 1280 loops included. Dry, processed and side chained versions are available so you can work fast or take your time moulding those vocals into your next killer track.

Finally a vocal collection that has everything you need to give your music that hook or percussive groove it needs to keep your tracks riding high in the charts and tearing up those dance-floors.

Individual product releases also available here to purchase separately:

Afro Tech Vocals 1
Afro Tech Vocals 2
Afro Tech Vocals 3
Afro Tech Vocals 4
Afro Tech Glitch Vocals

All loops are BPM Sync'd at 120, 122, 124 & 126BPM, and come as hi-quality 24bit Wav files.

Please note: Only Vocals included in this product - other sounds used in the demo songs are for illustration perposes only

24 Bit quality
1280 Vocal Loops
2 Bar & 4 Bar Loops
Dry, Processed & Sidechained Loops
120, 124 & 126BPM