Hotdoor Cadtools v9.1 For Adobe Illustrator Cs5-Cc 2015 (Mac OSX) | 58 Mb

Thanks CADtools Adobe Illustrator for 17 years becomes an excellent system-aided design (CAD).Draw in any scale, edit and dimensioning in vector graphics, and a plurality of anchor pointscontrols - it's all possible thanks to 81 instrument for easy and original design!

Plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, includes an extensive set of tools for technical drawing:
drawing in any scale, dimension artwork and digitally control the size and location of the object.

Engineered design just moved from CADtools directly in Adobe Illustrator.
Illustrator increased productivity and DXF / DWG compatibility, which makes CADtools powerful solution for design professionals.

- Drawing in any scale
- Fully editable as text and numeric measurements
- Management of objects in digital form via CADtracker
- A perspective drawing
- Projection and measurement
- Double measure
- Tool tangent
- Improved measurement and marking objects

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