Windows 8.1 64bit EN 06 2015-NiKKA (01/07/15)

Windows 8.1 64bit EN 06 2015-NiKKA | 3.79 GB
Source: Latest M$ versions Win8.1 Update 3 (2014.12)

Type: System, x64 - 64bit
Language: English
Volume: 1xDVD5, bootable ISO, bootable USB
Create Date: 2015.06.19
Release Date: 2015.06.20


- Integrated updates up to 2015.06
- Integrated NET 3.5 (contains NET 2.0 i 3.0)
- Updated DirectX (setupcomplete.cmd)
- NET 4.5.2 - install on WU or see EXTRAS folder
- Versions 64bit to install: Core, Pro, Pro Media Center
- You can install with your original key
- OEM or Retail/Box key - read activation.txt


Size ISO: 3,62 GB (bajt?w: 3?896?039?424)
MD5 ISO: f6ce53e48eb61a0c62d14747cbe82a51

Burn ISO on DVD (DVD5) or mount in daemon or VMware or prepare bootable USB (4GB/8GB minimum):
Use: Rufus or other progz, or make manualy bootble USB:

How prepare bootable USB to install Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1:

WARNING! You do this at your own risk! Further steps delete the contents of the USB drive!
Make a copy of the earlier if you need to!

console => cmd [enter]
diskpart [enter...]

list disk
select disk [select your disk USB - carefully!]
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=fat32 quick


copy whole DVD/.ISO on USB
install system

Activate - read info in activate.txt

If you have RETAIL key, copy/paste EI.CFG from ISO_RETAIL to /ISO/sources or edit ISO: in /ISO/sources/EI.CFG change OEM to Retail

In EXTRAS folder:
- DirectX v9.29.1974 (as you need to reinstall)
- NET Framework 4.5.2 32bit_64bit EN Win8.1 (2015.06)
- Clean WinSxS min once a month

Install.wim file was exported (highly compressed) to install.esd (/compress:recovery)

Win10 compatibility check/telemetry (not integrated, your decision):
- KB3035583
- KB2976978
- KB3044374
- KB3068708
- KB3050267
- KB3058168
These, and other, newer, new - will be on Windows Update.

How hide unwanted updates:

P.S. Do not remove the USB/DVD during the installation until it is fully installed - get a working desktop.

System settings unchanged. Integrated via Slipstream. Mastering via scripts (DISM, IMAGEX, OSCDIMG, CMD).