ProExtreme - Professional Extreme Color Grades for FCP X (Mac OS X) | 51 MB

Need to create an extreme look in your next film project? With PROEXTREME from Pixel Film Studios, you can take your footage anywhere from punk-psychedelic to action-packed in the click of a button. Create endless bold and aggressive looks in FCPX with PROEXTREME's collection of 100 intense color grades.

Take Extreme Measures
Whether you are taking your audience to the mouth of a volcano or the backroom of a nightclub, PROEXTREME from Pixel Film Studios can set the mood and create the visual style of your film with intense, overdriven colors.

100 Extreme Color Presets
The color grades are not the only thing that's extreme about this collection. With 100 presets to choose from, PROEXTREME provides the ultimate library of color grading plugins for Final Cut Pro X.

Bold Style, Aggressive Color
PROEXTREME is not for the faint of heart. Inspired by the color tones of many contemporary dramas and action films, the PROEXTREME collection can push your color grades to the limit with aggressive color tones and bold styles.

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