Portable Guilloche Program AIO 2015+Guilloche Collection|All Windows(x86/x64)

Portable Guilloche Program AIO 2015+Guilloche Collection|All Windows(x86/x64) | 2.72 GB

Guilloche Program AIO 2015 an extensive collection of guilloche and programs.
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As a part of the archive:[/ b]
Discs with decorative mesh-cells. Watermarks and simvoly.Dekorativnye grid borders and rozetty.Dekorativnye guilloche figures and ready form with the engravings, watermarks and symbols Ready forms, diplomas and certificates. From the well-known author.
Gift Certificate Coupon CD 1-2 (Guilloche - Guolloche)[/ b]
On the first disc are assembled colored backgrounds format EPS, but a bitmap (Color Photoshop EPS | 1890 * 945 pix | 300 dpi)
On the second disc there are the same, but in B & W (36 gray-layers PSD (5-7 layers) | 1890 * 945 pix | 300 dpi), but the layers and you can paint them on your own.
Also on the second disc has almost all the elements used in the vector (340 vector EPS), but separately - up for yourselves all that we want to ...
All issued today wheels guilloche elements.
Excellent guides to create their protective elements.[/ B]
Collection of elements for working with Adobe Illustrator.
If you work with development of the securities certificate or just want to make a beautiful and protected document, then this collection is for you.
UNRAR 6.73 Gb