AutoMapa 6.18 1509 EU All of Europe September 2015 Multilang

AutoMapa 6.18 1509 EU All of Europe September 2015 Multilang | 4.07 GB
Aqurat Sp. Z o.o and Geosystems sp. z oo has released version 6.18 AutoMapa EU is a detailed navigation map of whole Europe. AutoMapa is the first satellite navigation system is a feature 3D building visualization in Polish and European towns and cities, making it the world's leading car navigation utility.

Owing that its coverage of a comprehensive road network in Poland and the unique building address option, AutoMapa Delivers unprecedented navigation precision on Polish and European roads.
Highly accurate city navigation maps, hundreds of thousands of Precisely described Points of Interest (POI), a unique community of registered users of the service and Krzysztof Holowczyc's voice - Those are the distinctive features of AutoMapa.
AutoMapa is a leader on the market of innovative solutions. It is the first Polish That system supports the collection of traffic data, and users will soon be able to avoid traffic jams with the program's help.
AutoMapa Europe
AutoMapa Europe is a detailed navigation map of whole Europe. It includes full version of Poland XL map, extended by navigation data of European countries provided by the Navteq company.
Searching for travel destinations and navigation all over Europe does not require switching between maps- they are combined into one homogeneous product with Advantages of the most detailed maps of Poland XL release and maps of Europe of the Navteq company. Information on the degree of precision and the area covered in respective countries are presented on page 'Contents'.
Just like Poland XL map, AutoMapa Europe release also offers the option of choosing and installing both a selected part and the whole map. THUS the user depending on his / her needs small have at his / her disposal either a set of maps for navigation or, when needed (ie when the map is to be stored on a small memory card) only a selected area.
AutoMapa Europe on the territory of Poland offers all functionalities of AutoMapa Poland XL, Including detailed address points, visualisations of building outlines, rich topographic contents and many others. Detailed address points and building outlines is a unique feature available only in AutoMapa navigation system.
AutoMapa is a co-product by two companies: Aqurat sp. and Geosystems sp. z o.o
About Aqurat Sp. Z o.o
The company Specializes in advanced processing systems and visualization of information. Offers. navigation system for drivers and tourists, AutoMapa dedicated monitoring systems and fleet management and intelligent technology for the interpretation of the queries.
About Geosystems sp. Z o.o
GEOSYSTEMS Poland Ltd. is Remote Sensing / Photogrammetry and LIS / GIS consultancy and laboratory Involved in various types of geographic data processing, spatial analysis and geovisualisation.
Name: AutoMapa EU
Software version:
Map version: 1509.6.783 EU
Interface: multilanguage
?overage: All Europe
System Requirements: ShiChuang Mobile 5/6, ShiChuang CE.NET 5.0 / 6.0, ShiChuang XP / Vista / Seven / 8
Size: 4.07 GB