Charles Web Debugging Proxy 3.11.5

Charles Web Debugging Proxy 3.11.5 | MacOSX | 59 MB

Powerful and full-featured web debugging proxy and monitoring utility designed to run on your computer to help you test your desktop and web apps easier and quicker. Charles is a powerful and comprehensive web proxy designed to run on your Mac in order to help you keep a close eye on all the traffic going in and out of your computer.

Makes it possible to monitor the traffic of any application on your Mac that connects to the Internet
Once Charles is up and running on your Mac, the default web browser (or, for that matter, any other Internet enabled app) can be configured to go online via Charles' built-in proxy.

After the monitored app connects the Internet through Charles, it will then start to record all the traffic and the data sent and received by the application to and from the Internet.

Charles has been created from scratch to fill in a special niche in the web and Internet development market: that of apps capable of recording everything that other applications do online and all the data exchanged with other apps and servers via the web.

Streamlined and simple to use web traffic monitoring and debugging utility for both developers and casual users
Moreover, Charles makes it very simple to find out why your application has a difficult time reaching an online device and to quickly find out what is the bug in your code that's causing it.

In conclusion, Charles' main goal is to provide you with all the tools needed to effortlessly pinpoint and fix all Internet connection related problems and bugs in your app.

Provides a robust built-in W3C code validation tool and the possibility to use breakpoints while monitoring an app's traffic
Additionally, besides being able to capture web traffic, Charles also comes with the capability to help you add various types of breakpoints, all designed to ease the interception and editing processes for responses and requests.

Furthermore, Charles also allows you to swiftly validate any recorded HTML, RSS/Atom or CSS code responses with the help of W3C's code validator.

Full-featured and handy web proxy that helps you monitor and analyze your OS X apps' web traffic with ease
Even more, the Charles utility will also make it very easy and fast to edit and repeat any number of requests in order to test a diverse assortment of back-end changes and inputs.

All in all, Charles will make your Internet connection debugging tasks a lot more quicker and effortless, thus saving lots and lots of frustration and wasted time.

New in Charles Web Debugging Proxy 3.11.5
Bug fixes:
Fix SSL Root certificate installation bug on Android when using ssl.charles/
SOAP viewer fixes
HAR importer fixes
Fix Malformed HTTP URL when proxying to unusual ports

Minor improvements:
Map Remote cookie path rewriting
SSL Root certificate export command-line tool
Mac OS X: add support for global preferences in /Library/Preferences

System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.7+
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