Csimsoft Trelis Pro v16.1.1 (x64) | 195 MB

Trelis is a high-end, commercial-grade pre-processor for complex FEA and CFD simulation. It is based on the time-proven CUBIT™ software from Sandia National Laboratories. For more than two decades, csimsoft and Sandia have co-developed CUBIT to do Sandia's really challenging simulation. Now, commercial and academic users can use the tool for their tough simulation problems.

Trelis 16.0 includes the latest enhancements that make Trelis more powerful and even more user-friendly. New features were added to make geometry preparation easier. Core meshing and sizing algorithms have been improved to give better mesh quality. Significant improvements to the GUI makes Trelis even easier to use.

Improved mesh scaling
Improved boundary layers
Geometry adaptive improvement and simplification
New Unimprint to remove imprint command in GUI
Improved Tri and Tetmesher
New Hex cleanup command
New Post-Meshing button

Upgrade to ACIS 25
New Entity Align command panel
New Extended Selection dialog
New Find Overlap toolbar button

Improved mesh based geometry creation speed
Improved Fluent exporter
New pyramid support in NASTRAN exporter
Improved block, sideset, and nodeset commands
New legacy .cub file to the Save and Save As file formats

Graphics, Utilities, etc.
Improved graphics performance
New quality tool on the Properties Page
New keystroke shortcuts to View Points
New RLM deactivation option on the activation utility

What's New in This Release:
Smart Meshing Tool
Mesh Scaling Improvement
Improved Tri and Tetmesher
Copy Mesh Functionality Improvements

New IMPETUS exporter
Higher-order elements in .trelis (HDF5) files

Graphics, Utilities, etc.
New Model Tree
Rubber-band Selection Using a Sphere

Release Notes
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