Altair HyperWorks Desktop 13.0.111 (Win/Linux x64) Hotfix Only 161003

Altair HyperWorks Desktop 13.0.111 (Win/Linux x64) Hotfix Only | 488.2 MB
HyperMesh 13.0 includes various enhancements to strengthen core competencies and domain specific tools, and to improve and automate CAE processes.

A milestone in usability has been made by introducing the new Entity Editor, which allows an entirely new way of creating and editing models. This release provides a variety of CFD related meshing feature updates and mesh quality review functionality. The already strong offerings for composites modeling have been refined with various updates and additions to existing features and procedures. Advancements in model assembly tools improve the handling of complex models.

The new Entity Editor provides an efficient way to create and edit cards. Many attributes can be edited simultaneously across entities. Solver rules are captured to help set up new decks, and tooltips are used to display parameter descriptions within the software so that you do not have to look in a manual
New rib geometries can be generated efficiently. Parameters like height, length, and width can be controlled interactively.
The comparison tool performs a model-based CAD-CAD, CAD-FE or FE-FE comparison between two models, or two selections of entities.
Nodal thickness visualization is available for the solver interfaces RADIOSS, Abaqus, LS-DYNA and Nastran.
HyperBeam received multiple usability updates, such as an undo functionality, a tool to calculate the moment of inertia at the mouse location, and a ruler to measure distances of cross-sections.
An adaptive wrap mesher provides a solution to quickly approximate complicated geometry. The mesh can optionally be refined, and features can be preserved.
CFD meshing
The octree mesher is a faster and high quality alternative to the proven advancing front meshing algorithm, and can be used with more than just CFD applications.
A new boundary layer generator combines the smoothness of the existing algorithms with added robustness and user control to handle any complex model.
The BatchMesher received updates to better recognize large areas and complex fillet geometries for better meshing results.
Mesh quality:
The ???By Element Quality??? display mode can contour a model by user defined element quality criteria. The legend allows detailed modification of display and criteria with innovative on-screen manipulators.
The quality index panel offers a patch checker, which cycles through areas with elements that fail user defined criteria. Additional improvements for mesh modification help to remove these conflicts throughout the review process.
HyperMesh now has a dedicated user profile for aerospace offering many tools and processes specific to the Aerospace industry, but also composites applications of other industry verticals.
The already efficient composites modeling workflow got a variety of useful updates. Besides improved display and handling of plies and laminates, a review of orientations, element, material and ply systems are available.
For detailed analysis, HyperMesh provides a new utility to convert shell-based composites models into solid elements. Necessary properties are generated automatically.
The Drape Estimator is an entirely new tool to derive ply angle deviation and thickness variation due to draping.
Extend: Allows a node selection to be extended to selected elements/components and automatically remesh around the intersecting junction
HyperMesh already has an interface to Fibersim drape simulation data. With this release, results from composites modeler Simulayt can be read and seamlessly integrated into the composites workflow.
HyperWorks contains a material library allowing searching and filtering a corporate material database. The application can be connected to the material database of our Altair Partner Alliance partner ???Key to Metals???.
The ID Manager organizes ID ranges for individual entities or include files and is available for the Nastran and LS-DYNA interfaces.
Connector updates:
Properties and modules can be used as link partners.
Consequently the connector link browser has a property and module view that lists all available link partners. The connector entity browser will show the links and link types used by the connector.
Various connector realizations and usability updates have been added, such as a cylindrical preview for bolts to predict which nodes will be included in the realization.
A new and comprehensive part replacement tool and find functionality for tied contact definitions complement the LS-DYNA interface.
The Module entity includes numerous updates to organize and visualize assemblies, define current modules and to visualize content in the model browser. Cross-referencing is also enabled for modules.
1. It is only updated! To install and use additional crowbar must be pre-HW Desktop 13.0.110 with a crowbar by SSQ!
2. Information on additional crowbar in .. \ _ SolidSQUAD_ \ readme.txt
Release : 2015
Version : 13.0.111
Developer : Altair Software Developer
website :
Language : English
Crack : Is present (Team -SolidSQUAD)
System requirements : Preset HW Desktop 13.0.110 with a crowbar by SSQ

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