LightWave 2015.2 Portable + Content Pack

LightWave 2015.2 Portable + Content Pack | 1.78GB

LightWave 2015 is the latest iteration of the world's easiest and most reliable 3D software. LightWave 2015 provides the tools that you need to solve your animation and design challenges with numerous new workflow enhancements and features designed to streamline your creative process. Top studios to independent artists around the world all agree, some jobs are impossible to deliver with any other 3D package. When faced with tight deadlines and overly complex pipelines, you can count on LightWave 2015 to deliver. LightWave 2015 makes the impossible possible for all kinds of projects with its direct and robust workflow. Whether visual effects, motion graphics, game development, architectural visualization, product design or advertising, simplify your creative process with LightWave 2015.
2015.2 FIXES
Layout loses track of scene file loaded from "recent scenes"
Crash Dump deleting camera hierarchy
Scene refresh issue after updating object
Reloading scene for the second time crashes Layout
Particles are freezing Layout
Listbox in Master Plugin continues to refresh
EXPORT RIG : Parent Names not being exported for child bones/joints
Layout crash loading item from scene
Layout crashing when importing from scene or opening second scene.
Graphical glitching in viewports when changing window
Bug with default scene setup in LW 2015.1
Crash loading instance scene.
Really slow updating math expression driven morphs.
Hide Select Item is not working correctly
Mac LW 2015.1 2833 Layout Camera views messed up by selecting non-viewing camera
Crash HVDeform plugins
Bone Mirror and Clone Hierarchy Problems...
New Scene editor crashing in Properties tab
CameraMask custom plugins fails to start.
Crash Bake Range of the Motion Mixer.
Bug with Weighter 2.0 plugin with LW2015.1
Genoma2 crash in Layout
Crash of hub when customizing UI with bg and button splash images
Color Picker gather language from Hub option
Layers being destroyed in Layout when saving. Hub and Modeler use.
Changes not being flagged when layout closed.
Color Space support in Modeler improved.
Modeler - object flagged as changed when only copied
Unsaved state of object not displayed
Modeler crash when Cut (+U) command
Modeler General Options Panel Height Issue
Vertex Loader problem due to "wrong version" issue
Objects turn black when rendering
Compositing Buffer results in black objects in LWSN
Compositing Buffer Export - Ambient Occlusion renders improperly on sequence render
Ambient Occlusion on Compositing Buffer Export does not save setting
Rendering FibeFX sample content crashes Layout
Shadows not respecting opacity in HV's
GI Splotching Issues / Shading Artifacts on This Scene
Line shadow rendering leading to artifacts.
Edge Thickness changes when Stereo is on.
Can't see refraction roughness through clear glass
RenderQ Stopping at second scene
Motion vectors not working on instances with no AS
VPR Saving Viewport Areas When 'Render Outside Camera View' Is OFF
particles with hypervoxels with vpr on don't update when changing values in envelopes
VPR and F9 don't match (reflections)
Shift-Click VPR crash
Overlay in VPR is Broken
Color Corrected RGBA in Compositing Buffers is saving a black and white image
VPR error rendering fog when procedurals are used
VPR speckles with Motion Blur
Layout Toggle Subpatch doesn't refresh VPR
Toggling 'Render Outside Camera View' Doesn't Update VPR in Discovery Mode
3DS Import wrong
3DS model import - instant crash
3DS Import improved for unique meshes
Modeler crashes loading 3DS files.
FBX imports wrong camera FOV settings.
Metalink Node Problems
Node editing of edge rendering produces odd results
Crash apply SufMixer.
A disconnected (3rd party) node causing a crash
Crashes, File Corruption and Other Issues When Using Compound Nodes
Can't Load Surface .PST Files Via Surface Editor 'Load' Due To File Ext Filtering
Curve Node shows incorrect input after reload or pasted
QuickTime file loading failure, frame length to "0"
LightWave Website shortcut goes to broken page
OSX Support Full-screen mode for Layout and Modeler
Re-purposed "Enter License" tool
Small update to Transform Gizmo's rotate handle colors to match the color of the axis around which the rotation takes place.
Support import of Mixamo rigs
Added 'Invert Color' option to the Image Node.
Add User Preference For Double-Click deselecting in Modeler
Made the NEW COMMAND "Drop/Restore selection" the default over Drop Selection in the menus and key configurations.
Password: Snorgared