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Welcome to Astrallis, home of the best software designed to calculate Primary Directions, the most ancient, powerful, and reliable predicting tool of Western Astrology since Ptolemy's time. Our goal is to offer a dependable and user-friendly astrology software ready for all your forecasting needs.

Astrallis has been created with ease of use in mind, regardless of the inherent complexity of the subject. Mundo and Zodiacal Conjunctions, Directions to the Angles, Mundo Parallels, Mundo Rapt Parallels, and many other variations have been extensively tested and merged into a consistent software designed with speed and accuracy in mind.

Astrallis has a complete set of timing Keys (including Ptolemy, Placidus, Morinus, Naibod, Kolev, Kepler, and others). Calculations can be switched on the fly between Ptolemy, Pole Placidian, and Regiomontanus algorithms. Additional techniques, as they were formulated during the classical period until the seventeenth century, namely Secondary Directions, Progressions, Solar Returns, Transits, and Ingresses are also calculated and used to find the precise time at which a direction will be effective.
-Calculations by the three traditional directing systems: Ptolemy semi-arcs, Regiomontanus and Placidian. The hit dates and rectifications are updated automatically.
-Eight different Timing Keys, including Ptolemy, Naibod, Cardano, Kepler, Kepler in the zodiac, Kolev or synodic, Placidus and Placidus in the zodiac
-Rectifications are automatic and updated as soon the event's date changes.
-Event changes are in sync with the progressed, solar return and secondary directions charts.
-Primary Directions suited to use for rectification will update all Charts with a simple double-click.
-Automatic switching between the Julian and the Gregorian calendars
-All calendars show the Moon's phases and the Sun's sign ingresses.
-Automatic conversion between the Jewish Calendar (Jerusalem time) and the Julian or Gregorian calendars. Excellent for historical research.
-Rectification's sensitivity of Primary Directions are configurable from 1 to 10 minutes.-
-Chart fonts and zodiac symbols are configurable.
-Two different Charts' styles: Classic or minimalist
-Flexible choice of significators: traditional or custom
-Custom selection of Mundo and Zodiacal Aspects
-Speculum, or list of primary directions' parameters
-Aspectarium (Nativity, Secondary, Progression, Solar Return, Event) with auto search and synchronization with the Aspects' list
-Flexible Orbs, per planet, per aspect and by percentage
-10 House Systems, including Placidus, Campanus, Regiomontanus, Koch, Alcabitius, meridian, Equal, Porphyry, Ptolemy, and Morinus
-Lunations or returns to the same phase and age of the Moon, before or after the birth date
-Solar Cycles or returns to the same position of the Sun, before or after the birth date
-Flexible Color Palette
-Sensitive Help System
-Activity Log to keep track of birth date changes
-Apheta, Anareta, by traditional rules and Lilly's points
-Most influential benefic, by traditional rules and Lilly's points
-Lilly's points for all planets
-Chaldean faces and decanates as they were used by Ptolemy
-Database with thousands of nativities
-Geocoding, to the street address, precision to the GPS level
-Time Zones are automatic by location and date
-Daylight saving times are automatic by location and date
Astrallis 1.0 + Help System + gg.exe - Geocoding Utility + Astrallis 1.0 Database + Solar Time 1.5

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