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Golden Software MapViewer 8.0.212 | 92.5 Mb
MapViewer is an affordable mapping and spatial analysis tool that allows you to easily produce publication-quality thematic maps. Precisely display your data distribution with the most intuitive functions and features. Your data is unique and you need the best mapping software for the job!

MapViewer is an affordable and mapping and spatial analysis tool that allows you to easily produce publication-quality thematic maps. No data set is too complex to make an eye-catching Description. MapViewer helps you discover data trends and patterns in your data to help you make the right decision every time!
Create one of than 16 unique and fully-customizable map types. Color your boundaries based on a data variable with the hatch map and territory map types. Create unique bar charts, pie charts, or line/scatter Descriptions in each boundary with the bar map, pie map, and multi-graph map types. Grid your data and create gradient maps, contour maps, and vector maps from the grid. Re-size your map areas based on a data value with the three cartogram map types (contiguous, non-contiguous, and dorling) and the prism map type. Use the density map, symbol map, flow map, and line graph map types to display points, line graphs, or arrows on your map based on your data value. Add base maps and pin maps to your Description to display boundaries and point locations on your thematic maps.
Whats New:
New and Improved User-Interface
Create Multi-Graph Maps
Create Bivariate Symbol Maps
Create Contiguous Cartogram Maps
Create Proportional Pin Maps
Download Online Maps
Query Across Multiple Layers
Use Text Columns for Territory Map Territories or Hatch Map Classes
Increased Customization of Data Labels
Unlimited Attribute Support
Embed Data in GSM Files
Improved Coordinate System Dialog
Font/Format Support for Legend Entries
New Import/Export Formats
New Coordinate Systems, Datums, and Projections
Additional (64-bit, Uniquote, New Text Editor Dialog, Object Transparency)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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