Tweak Software RV 6.2.3 (Win/Mac/Linux) (x64) 16106

Tweak Software RV 6.2.3 (Win/Mac/Linux) (x64) | 498 MB (Total)
RV 6 is the next stage in our effort to build great tools for VFX and animation artists. It is built on the RVX Core, a new GPU accelerated image processing architecture that combines fast IO, resolution-independent image handling, a floating point image pipeline, advanced color management, and user-programmable image processing.
RV Key Features

2K Uncompressed Playback from RAM or Disk
One-Click Remote Sync for Collaborative Review
Annotation/Paint Tools
Stereo 3D (Active and Passive)
Audio scrubbing/stepping with video sync
Color Management with Support for Linear-Light Workflow
Python Scriptable, Customizable Architecture
Realtime Hardware Color Correction
PLEASE NOTE: RV 6.2.3 uses Python 2.7; if you require Python 2.6, please use RV 6.0.3, which is identical except for Python version.
SMPTE VC-3 Codec (DNxHD) enabled for mio_ffmpeg.
PySide Python Modules Distributed for linux only, these modules should be considered alpha, for testing purposes only.
Support 12-bit DPX files with unpadded scanlines.
RVLS now accepts one or more Session Files as input. In that case, it will report information about the media referenced by the Session File.
RVLS has a -o command line option to specify an output file.
Environment variable TWK_SERVER_PORT_FALLBACK_COUNT can be set to determine the number of ports RV will try when looking for an open port to listen on for a network connection. The default is to try 10 ports.
RVCDL node with node.file property will automatically update CDL values from files of type CCC, CC, or CDL.
Increase Timeline Magnifier render performance when there are many marked frames.
RV could crash after saving a Display Profile containing a LUT
Exporting a movie or frame sequence when using a Display LUT could cause a crash.
Adding additional nodes to a PipelineGroup containing a LUT could cause the LUT to have no effect.
Screening Room: Media with timecode could confuse the sequence setup so that frame numbers did not match sequence frame numbers.
Screening Room: Sometimes the correct (current) Version would not highlight in the Screening Room panel.
Screening Room: The main view "step left/right" hotkeys were broken when the Screening Room browser was visible.
RVLensWarp node: the "center" parameter for the OpenCV distortion model was not used correctly.
Complicated PipelineGroup contents, especially PipelineGroups within PipelineGroups, could cause a crash.
The -strict command-line flag would cause RV to exit if it could not acquire an rvsolo license. Now it correctly enters the unlicensed state in that case.
Two AJA Kona video modes ("10 Bit YCrCb 4:2:2" and "Stereo Dual 10 Bit YCrCb 4:2:2") could not be stored as preferences.
A sequence of EXRs wherin all the files did not have the same set of layers could cause a crash.
Remote sync could fail on string properties with "/" characters in their values.
Some Python headers were missing from the distribution.
Multi-byte unicode filenames would prevent mov and avi files from loading.
Mattes now render below text and rectangle overlay objects defined in the same RVOverlay node.
Geometric resize combined with bit-depth reduction of 16-bit planar images could cause a crash.
Custom PipelineGroup contents that include both OCIO nodes and a user-defined custom node could cause a crash.
True location of Python site-packages directory was not being added to system path.
The disted pyconfig.h included macros specific to the internal build system.
In sessions with many paint/annotation strokes, adding new strokes could get very slow.
RVSDI: improved output frame rate calculation and display.
OS : Cross-Platform, 64 Bit: ShiChuang , Mac, and Linux
Language : English

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