Picktorial MacOSX

Picktorial MacOSX | 83.5 MB

Picktorial is a powerful, smooth, and intuitive photo editor that provides tools for enhancing and retouching photos. Make local adjustments to RAW photos, retouch portraits, add filters, watermarks and more.

It now integrates with OS X Photos, so you can enjoy the power of Picktorial right from Photos. Or, you can keep using Picktorial for individual photos or folders, bypassing the time-consuming import process of other apps.
Live, non-destructive
Never be afraid to try new ideas. Change your very first edits without undoing the latest ones, and see the results in real-time. Even on another computer.
Seamless RAW conversion
Natively edit raw images, with fused development and retouching functions. All processed on the GPU in 16-bits for maximum quality and speed.
Single-Space Workflow
Easily access everything you need in a single window. From the Catalog-Free Library to advanced local adjustments without having to switch between modules.
Make every photo shine
Enjoy maximum control over light and color, with a rich palette of precise tools: from exposure, shadows and highlights to curves, split tone and more.
Remove distracting objects
Emphasize what's interesting by getting rid of what's not. Seamlessly erase unwanted elements with our state-of-the-art patch tool.
Retouch on the spot
Selectively preserve natural details as you smooth skin, remove blemishes and sharpen features with our smart retouching brushes. No need for external tools.
Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit