Altair SimSolid 2019.1.0.35 | 376.7 mb

Altair has launched SimSolid 2019.1.0, is structural analysis software developed specifically for design engineers. It eliminates geometry simplification and meshing, the two most time-consuming and expertise-extensive tasks done in traditional FEA, enabling the analysis of fully-featured CAD assemblies in minutes without meshing.

. Load condition -normal traction (contact pressure)
. Load condition -tangential traction
. Displacement condition -contact opening (deformational gap)
. Displacement condition -contactslippage
The Add/edit part connection dialog now has a new Edge to surfaceconnection method. Select one or more edges on a single part. Connections will be found between the selected edges and any other parts within the tolerance range. This is a good option for sharp cornered "knife edge" types of geometries.
New part context menu to remove all part classification (bolt, nut, sheet, etc.). Primary use is for instances where geometry is misclassified as bolts, nuts or washers. Part classified in this way have restrictions on the contact conditions that can be applied. This removes these restrictions. Please note, that parts classified as bolts and nuts are required for bolt/nut tightening loads.
New right mouse button context menu to Hide/Show local coordinate systems. Use CTRL and SHIFT to select multiple coordinate frames .
- Fixed-minorissue with self-contact connection recognition.
- Fixed-improved response meshin certain instances.
- Fixed-improved geometry importin certain instances.
- Fixed-part delete from Check geometry defects dialog now working correctly.
- Fixed-instances where transient response was not plotted for all time steps.
- Fixed-issue with installer deleting non-SimSolid files.
- Fixed-issue with canceling numberof modes dialog.
- Fixed-improved stress resultson material nonlinear analysis.
Altair has acquired SIMSOLID, a company founded by asking a simple question: "Why does the geometry used in the Design and Structural Simulation worlds have to be so different?"
SIMSOLID works on full-fidelity CAD assemblies to provide fast, accurate, and robust structural simulation without requiring geometry simplification, cleanup, or meshing. Its underlying technology is based largely on the work of Dr. Victor Apanovitch, a former professor at Belarus Polytechnic University and the cofounder of SIMSOLID Corporation.
The SIMSOLID computational engine is a commercial implementation of novel and unpublished mathematics based on extensions to the theory of external approximations. SIMSOLID controls solution accuracy using multi-pass adaptive analysis, making it extremely fast and memory efficient. Large and complex assemblies can be solved rapidly even on laptop computers.
Altair transforms design and decision making by applying simulation, machine learning and optimization throughout product lifecycles. Our broad portfolio of simulation technology and patented units-based software licensing model enable Simulation-Driven Innovation for our customers. With more than 2,000 employees, Altair is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA and operates 71 offices throughout 24 countries. Altair serves more than 5,000 customers across broad industry segments.
Altair SimSolid
2019.1.0 Build 35

Windows 7even or newer
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