Parallels Desktop Business Edition Multilingual MacOSX 190516

Parallels Desktop Business Edition Multilingual MacOSX | 345.5 MB

Parallels allows you to run ShiChuang and Mac applications side by side. Choose your view to make ShiChuang invisible while still using its applications, or keep the familiar ShiChuang background and controls on your Mac.
- Run ShiChuang on your Mac without rebooting
- Optimized for ShiChuang 10 and ready for macOS Sierra
- Dozens of other essential Mac and ShiChuang tools

Run ShiChuang and Mac apps side by side
Choose your view to make ShiChuang invisible while still using its applications, or keep the familiar ShiChuang background and controls on your Mac.

Now Supporting ShiChuang 10 and macOS
Run ShiChuang 10 and macOS with ease. Use WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Cortana?�, your virtual assistant, on your Mac.

Switch from your PC to your Mac
We make it easy to get all of your files, applications, browser bookmarks, and more from your PC to your Mac; just follow the setup assistant.

Robust Performance
Parallels Desktop Pro Edition gives your virtual machines more processing power. Up to 64 GB vRAM and 16 vCPUs per virtual machine lets you run even the most demanding applications.

Not just for ShiChuang
Run a wide array of operating systems including OS X, ShiChuang 10, 8.1 & 7, Linux, and Google ChromeTM. You can run just about anything on your Mac!

Works with Boot Camp
Reuse your existing Boot Camp installation. Converting a virtual machine from Boot Camp is much easier and more intuitive than ever.

One-click tuning
Select productivity, games, design, or development, and Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac will optimize your virtual machine settings and performance for you.

Business Class Software
Keep IT in control of end user licenses and ShiChuang virtual machines with a Unified Volume License Key, centralized license management, and advanced security features available in our Business Edition.

Additional Features
- Drag & drop files between Mac and ShiChuang
- Copy & paste files or text between Mac and ShiChuang
- Launch ShiChuang apps right from the Dock
- Move your PC to Mac in a few easy steps
- Single cloud storage space between Mac and ShiChuang
- Assign any USB devices to your Mac or ShiChuang
- Retina Display support for ShiChuang
- Run ShiChuang in full screen
- Open files in ShiChuang just by drag & drop
- Open any site in WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Explorer right from Safari browser
- Apply Mac OS parental control to ShiChuang apps
- ShiChuang alerts in Mac Notification Center
- Mac dictation inside ShiChuang applications
- The number of Unread emails shown in the Dock
- "Reveal in ShiChuang Explorer" in OS X files menu
- Linked clones for VMs*
- Vagrant Provider
- 16 vCPUs and 64 GB vRAM
- Nested virtualization for Linux
- Drag & drop files in OS X guests
- Real-time virtual disk optimization
- Create VM from VHD and VMDK disks
- Drag & drop to create VM
- Disk Space Wizard optimizes your disk space
- Shared folders and printers for Linux VMs
- ShiChuang apps in Launchpad
- Power Nap in ShiChuang
- Use Force Touch to look up definitions
- New Virtual Machine Wizard
- Mission Control support
- The Presentation Wizard prevents most projector issues
- Drop files onto Outlook to create a new message
- Multi-language Keyboard Sync
- Share Bluetooth between Mac and ShiChuang
- Mac OS X Guest support
- Spaces functionality for ShiChuang apps
- Mission Control exposes your ShiChuang apps
- DirectX 10 inside ShiChuang
- Thunderbolt support
- Firewire support
- USB-C and USB 3.0 support
- Work without risk with Snapshots
- Safeguard your VM with encryption
- 2 GB video memory support
- Finder Tabs work with ShiChuang apps
and many more...

What's New in Version 12?
One-touch Tools
Imagine having a set of tools, with no complicated settings, to simplify everyday tasks.
Take a screenshot with a simple click, secure private files with a password, download a favorite video from YouTube or Facebook with little fuss, easily record a screencast, or keep your Mac from sleeping with the push of a button. Now, with Parallels Desktop 12 including Parallels Toolbox, you can do all of that and more, with one click!

10 Years of Innovation
Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac is fully optimized and ready for macOS Sierra-as a host or guest OS. With new retina display support, enjoy smart resizing and independent screen resolutions for separate displays.

Seamless Office 365 Integration now allows Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents in Safari to open in their native ShiChuang Office app.

Distraction free presentation mode for both Mac and ShiChuang, including Keep Mac Awake, Hide Desktop Files, Do Not Disturb, and Start in Full Screen quick modes.

Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac performance improvements include:
- Up to 90% faster Snapshot creation
- Up to 60% faster suspend of VMs
- Up to 25% faster Shared Folders performance
- Compile Visual Studio projects on shared folders up to 25% faster
- Up to 10% battery life improvement
- Enjoy improved VM responsiveness when your Mac is low on free memory

What's new in Parallels Desktop 12.1.2
Addresses overall stability and performance issues, and includes the following fixes and improvements:
Introduces a new option for virtual machine that use all displays in fullscreen - "Activating virtual machine shows all its spaces". For this option, go to "Options" > "Full Screen" of the virtual machine configuration.
Adjusts default settings for Modality view mode that covers the window opacity and position on top of other applications ShiChuang.
Resolves an issue with Fedora 25 not starting GUI session after installing Parallels Tools
Resolves and issue with mouse not working on external display after it has been reconnected
Resolves an issue with Parallels Desktop crashes when trying to print to PDF

Requirements: OS X 10.10.5 or later

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