TH Studio Trailer Elements Vol 2 KONTAKT 190613

TH Studio Trailer Elements Vol 2 KONTAKT | 615 Mb
TH Studio Production present you our secand Cinematic Toolkit Library "TRAILER ELEMENTS VOL 2". Cinematic Sounds for Movies, Trailers, Video Games and others. The pack includes Kontakt 5.6.6 nkis and WAV Files.

* 53 Kontakt 5 Instruments
* 354 Sounds
* Booms, Booms Long, Braams, Dark Hits, Hits HI, Hits Short Metal, Hits, Mega Horns, Big Metal Whoosh, Metal Whoosh, Pads, Pianos, Pulsations, Pulse Clocks, Pulse Low, Pulse Mid, Rises, Reverses, Soft Whooshes, Stutter Whooshes, Stutter FX
* Also includes Epic Vocals from Bulgarian singer Vladislava Hristozov .

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