Prevent Restore Pro 4.31 Multilingual | 1.3 Mb

Professional utility to make impossible recovery of already deleted files and folders. Includes several modern security algorithms and military standarts, which makes process the most effective. The program also works with removable storage.

Step 1. Select disk(s). In this step you must choose disk(s) on which you want run procedures of anti-recovery. The program will show you estimated time for each one.
Step 2. Security options. This step let you choose how you wish to replace deleted files and fragments of data. Which security algorithm you want to use?
Step 3. Working process. You'll see progress bar for the selected disk and estimated time. You will also see checkbox to automatically turn off computer when all operations will be completed.
Prevents recovery of deleted files
You can run procedures for any disks: external and internal HDD, SSD, Flash disks. Except CD-ROM and CD-RW.
There is a lot of security algorithms which may be used for data destruction. Our program includes several, which are the most reliable and accepted as standards.
Choice of algorithm
You can choose security algorithm for data destruction
Mode for quick cleanup
In this mode the program will not overwrite disk free space. Only links to deleted files from file allocation table will be destroyed. This mode is quick and data can be recovered only by long analysis of all disk, analyzing each cluster.
Delete content of paging file
This option allows you to delete paging file of Windows which can cache passwords, browsing data and everything else.
Access to defragmentation utility
We will provide you access to defragmentation utility which will make your disk work faster.
Automatically shutdown computer when done
Because data destruction process can take few hours this option is very convenient, thus you can leave your PC.
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10