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The Smart All-In-One - Media Management App.

Ingest-free media management, screening and transcoding that adjusts to your workflow. Preview, check and organize your shots from all your cameras quickly on set or in post even in a team. Quickly find and organize media files on your offloading or archive drives. Use instantly without training or studying documentation.

- Preview, check and organize your shots from all your cameras quickly on set or in post even in a team.
- Convert videos to editing or playout formats.
- Quickly find and organize media files on your offloading or archive drives.
- Select and export only the usable parts from long shots made with drones or action cameras.
- Use instantly without training or studying documentation.
- Discover the powerful tools as you use Kyno's intuitive file browser & player interface.
- Media storage browser
- Universal player
- Logging/Metadata editing tool
- Multi-purpose production assistant
- File organizer
- Converter (transcoding & rewrapping)
Browse your videos directly from your hard drive or SD card, no ingest required. Use Kyno's powerful drilldown function to flatten and filter the content of a whole hard drive and define media aware filters such as framerate, resolution to find the files you're looking for.
Play virtually any format (RAW support coming soon) with an accurate state-of-the art video player. If there's anything that doesn't play, contact us and we'll likely have it in the next release. Preview your Log footage with LUTs applied. Because nobody works with video alone, we also support images (including many RAW formats) & audio files.
Tag, rate, describe your media and use that information to find your content. Use Kyno's powerful media aware renaming engine to organize your files. Send clips including metadata to Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.
Offload camera media to secondary storage securely using a simple process and industry-standard cryptographic checksum verification with Media Hash List support for later verification. Incremental backup copies only what's changed since the last backup. Kyno Premium supports up to 4 backup destinations at the same time.
Kyno's lightweight subclip feature lets you define the interesting parts of long takes and export them to drastically reduce the file size of your project. Create Excel shotlists for team communication. The delivery feature in Kyno Premium allows you to transfer concise media packages including metadata for ingest into MAMs or direct import into Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.
Kyno sports a powerful and easy to use transcoding engine to convert your footage for editing or delivery. Target formats include h.264, ProRes, Cineform and many more. It also allows lossless rewrapping for some formats. You can even apply filters, burn-in timecode and LUTs during conversion.
Browse drives or camera media with a media-aware file browser.
Search files as if they were in a media-aware database without having to ingest first.
Play & quality-check footage in a player designed for video professionals.
Offload your camera media or any folder to multiple destinations.
Easily batch-transcode or rewrap from and to many formats.
Combine multiple clips into one without NLE (aka assembly cut).
Apply LUTs in player or during conversion.
Play and convert from an unparalleled range of formats
Use markers to log, describe or batch-export stills.
Export subclips to quickly process or distribute only the content that really matters.
Easy access to the audio & image files you use in your video projects.
Use markers to annotate and export to Excel³⁾ for collaboration.
Files remain where they are - you decide how you organize your drives.
Send files with metadata to Final Cut Pro¹⁾ X, Final Cut Pro¹⁾ 7 or Premiere Pro.
Use tags & ratings to organize your material.
Batch-rename your media files quickly and flexibly. Windows 7 Service Pack 1 64-bit or later.