TechSmith SnagIt v2020.0.0 Build 4460 Final

TechSmith SnagIt v2020.0.0 Build 4460 Final | 605 MB

Techsmith Snagit - offers unlimited possibilities for capturing images - the entire screen, one or several windows and graphical objects (icons, screen buttons, toolbars, menus, etc.), arbitrary area or complex shape (polygon, ellipse, rectangle with rounded angles), a full-screen DOS-box programs and windows application DirectX (games, video players).

Download software to, you can receive images from scanners or digital cameras with TWAIN interface to capture a background image of your Windows desktop and the contents of the clipboard, and import icons from EXE-files that and DLL. Magnifier will help you select the capture area with pixel precision, and a preview with the built-in editor allows bitmap images to quickly add explanatory labels and save the image file. Additionally, SnagIt can store any type of files from Web sites with the ability to specify the level of nesting pages, and is able to record what is happening on the screen as AVI video clips. SnagIt program is designed to provide grip on a schedule or with a given frequency, and also allows you to capture images without the mouse cursor.

Capture window with scroll bars
SnagIt developers have implemented a truly invaluable function - Capture windows and screen objects with scroll bars. Let's say you need a picture of a window, the contents of which do not fit on the screen at all desire. What to do in such a situation? Just photograph it piece by piece and glue together the fragments in the graphical editor. And it offers SnagIt? It's very simple - choose as the source of the image desired type of display object scrollable initialize capture, scroll through the contents of a window or wait until the program do it yourself, and get ready image.
Automatic processing and saving images
SnagIt can automatically process a captured screen with built-in filters that allow you to change the size and scale of the image, set the desired color depth, perform color correction, add frames, shadows, watermark, header, and the edges of the trim effects. The program also allows you to automatically send the processed image to the clipboard, the printer, the selected application, send it via e-mail or instant messaging software, as well as stored in a specified file format, and file name is based on customizable templates.
create profiles
Seizure control parameters, processing and display of screen images by using SnagIt configuration profiles. You can create several different profiles to quickly capture, or choose the desired profile by using pop-up panel SnagIt OneClick or the main program window. In most cases, SnagIt allows you to fully automate the process of preparing screen shots - you just select the profile that contains the required parameters capture, processing and saving images, and perform image capture or desired obekta- rest of the program will do for you.
Built-in raster editor SnagIt Editor
-Nalozhenie rich text - color, font, transparency, shadow volume.
-Handling image - rotate, crop, zoom.
-Kisti, stamps, sprays, sticks, lines, arrows, geometric shapes, pipette to capture color images figure select areas.
-More than 50 levels of undo.
-Record the finished image to a file, copy to clipboard, send to print or e-mail.
Built-in vector editor SnagIt Studio
Adding explanations, comments, braces callouts and labels, stamps, arrows, icons, trunks, and so on. E. With the help of ready-made library of vector elements. Contains alignment function, placement, resizing, rotation, shading, and other operations on objects.
Built-in image gallery SnagIt Catalog Browser
In addition to quickly view can also be used to perform the group and packet renames / files transformations using names of templates and embedded SnagIt filters (resizing, cropping, rotating, changing the depth and color correction, Frame, watermarks, background and so on. D.) . In addition, it provides powerful tools for creating web-image galleries.
SnagIt plug-ins and built-in COM-server
Plug-ins for browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox, as well as Microsoft Word programs, PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and Adobe FrameMaker provide quick and comfortable grip and insert images directly into applications. Built-in COM-server software allows you to control SnagIt work with Visual Basic and VB Script, as well as applications Visual C ++.

Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Language: English + Russian (from Softonic Kastaneda x64)
Medicine: Present

System requirements:
Windows System Requirements
� Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server 2016, or Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows N requires the Media Foundation Pack
� .NET 4.6 or later
� 2.4 GHz single core processor (dual core i5 required for video capture)
� 1 GB of RAM (4 GB required for video capture)
� 1GB of hard-disk space for program installation
� We recommend the 64-bit Snagit installation when using multiple monitors or a 4k display
� 64-bit Snagit installation required for Combine Images feature