Product launch formula 3.0

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Jeff Walker is a master at the art of launching successful products and has been a truly phenomenal internet marketing coach for many. After the success of Product Launch Formula 1 and Product Launch Formula 2, he has come up with another updated and truly off the hook version of the system that has made several thousand people some crazy money online just by implementing a simple step-by-step plan to launch their products in their respective markets.

The best thing about the Product Launch Formula 3 is that it works in ANY NICHE, ANY LANGUAGE and for ANY PRODUCT. Yes, its true. It works and works very well.

Jeff Walker is one of the most stand up guys in the Internet Marketing world, his products are truly great. He knows that the only way to have long term profitability is to DELIVER VALUE. He has recurring buyers that buy each and every product that he launches, that alone says a lot about the quality of products he comes out with. The Product Launch Formula has hundreds of testimonials from real people like YOU and ME. I mean, it truly is that great a product.

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Bonus Materials
- How To Get Your Duplication and Fulfillment Done Without Headaches (Cindy Tonne)
- How To Avoid Getting Shut Down By Your Merchant Account! (Jud Smith from Power Pay)
- Interview with David Frey: the anatomy of a big-time launch for an affiliate product…
- PowerCopy with Bob Serling
- Dan Crowther on how to grow your business with social media.

Launching Your List

Pre-Launch Videos

Module 1
Operation Quick Start
Core Strategies
Core Tactics
Your Launch Foundation
Intro to JV’s

Module 2
Quick Launch
Business Launch Formula

Module 3
Launch Story Creation
Creating Pre-launch Content
The Seed Launch

Module 4
Launch List Secrets
Planning Launch Content
Joint Ventures
Extra Goodies

Module 5
Affiliate Launch
Ecommerce Launch
The Launch
Launch Details