Zero-G - Nu Metal (WAV, AiFF, REX2, KONTAKT.NKI, EXS, SXT)

Zero-G - Nu Metal (WAV, AiFF, REX2, KONTAKT.NKI, EXS, SXT) | 2.72 GB

NU METAL - a brand new sample library full of hard-core aggression, innovation and riffology. Over 500 samples and 1.1Gb of the hardest, loudest, ass-kicking rock music around all in pristine 24bit audio!

Nu Metal goes where no other sample library has ever dared venture before and records the workings of a real 100% genuine metal band. With construction kits based on real songs as well as blood-curdling vocals, bone-breaking drums, blood-soaked bass and guitar heavier than plutonium.

"Nu Metal is based on the construction kit format, but is unconventional.. The producers decision to provide open-ended sample options is refreshingly exciting.. I was inspired to find out what could be forged from the multitude of parts.. Nu Metal may be genre-specific but it does offer variety.." etc - read the full review from Sound On Sound magazine here
The bone-crushing weight of this music comes from its atmosphere, the crushing riffs, the oppressiveness of the production and the intense personalities (and lyrics) involved. But this isn't just standard rock music, it is modern and groovy metal with a sense of metal-core referencing bands such as Adema, Godsmack, Sevendust, StoneSour.
From the first visceral chord strike to the last head-splitting cymbal crash this library will really rock your socks off..
All the samples have been pre-cleared and are 100% original and royalty-free for your musical use without any additional licensing fees.