Acronis Backup-Recovery 11.5.37975 Workstation Server with Universal Restore | 1.02 GB

Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 provides backup and disaster recovery for individual laptops, desktops or servers and is designed to meet the needs of small business. Like Paragon Backup & Recovery, Acronis supports backups on local disks, network locations, FTP and SFT servers, but Acronis, unlike Paragon, also offers its own proprietary online backup service.

Key Features

Fast Restore of Operating System, Applications, Files and Data

* Fast and simple complete disk image backup and recovery
* Allows for easy bare metal recovery to the same, different hardware, or virtual machine
* Backup and recovery of individual folders or network shares
* Recover individual files and folders from image backup
* Convert backups to virtual machines format

Broad storage support

* Local folders, SMB or FTP network shares
* USB flash drives and HDDs
* Acronis Secure Zone - a special protected portion on a hard disk
* CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray disks
* ZIP , Rev, and other removable media

Broad Platform Support

* Physical or VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix, Red Hat or Parallels virtual machines
* BIOS and UEFI systems
* MBR and GPT
* Basic and dynamic disks, LVM

Increase reliability and secure archives

* Save backups in multiple destinations
* Secure backups with 256-bit AES encryption

Universal Restore - add-on

Recover - Recover a failed system to different hardware or to virtual machines in minutes.
Migrate - Complete physical-virtual, virtual-physical, physical-physical, or virtual-virtual migrations for system recovery, testing, and other purposes.
Fix - Load new hardware drivers and replace HAL to make system bootable after replacing hardware such as motherboard or storage controller or moving HDD to another machine.
Clone and deploy - Clone and deploy operating systems with complete hardware independence.

What happens when a system's hardware fails or needs to be retired? How do you move the valuable applications and data to a new system or hardware after disaster strikes? How do you quickly restore a system after the hardware has changed?

Acronis solves these common issues with Acronis Universal Restore, a fully integrated module that restores servers or workstations to different hardware or to a virtual machine, providing highly flexible disaster recovery and migration options.

The Acronis Universal Restore module prepares you for unforeseen events without requiring administrators to purchase and maintain identical spare machines.

The process begins when a platform agent is used to create a transportable image that disassociates the data from the old machine? underlying hardware. Acronis Universal Restore loads in the new hardware's s own drivers so that the image from the previous hardware platform will allow the machine to be flawlessly restored to a different hardware platform, complete with operating system, applications, data and all previous settings. Recovery can be implemented to an existing system, to a new system with different hardware, or to a virtual machine, in minutes, by following these steps:

* Boot your replacement system with Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 bootable media you have created and select Recovery in the menu.
* Select the image to restore.
* Acronis Universal Restore then initiates the restore process, detects the hardware and installs the appropriate drivers for Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL).
* The result is a perfectly functioning system on a new hardware platform.System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional SP2+, Windows 2000 Professional

Platforms: x86 (32 bit), x64 (64 bit)

Boot methods: BIOS, UEFI

File Systems: FAT16/32, NTFS

Language: English