Sample Logic - The Elements Expand (KONTAKT) | 13.65 GB

"The Elements" - a collection that will transform your work , pushing the standards available today in music and sound manipulation . Because the tools are divided into convenient elements, then you will not have to spend time searching among the irrelevant sounds.

These ultra-modern tools have been created to excite, inspire and electrify all around, just begging you to create music . Library has everything - from stunning , memorable ambient melodic choruses to quiet , from ragged distorted rhythms to exciting harmonious guitar passages , from growling basses to volatile effects, from which runs a chill on the back , from traditional brass ensemble to psychedelic spirals most exotic colors . A set of additional sounds created by unicorns , hobbits and dragons, this library is sure to be a favorite pastime for the whole family ! Thanks for the description gagarinband.Teper library is distributed in the clear, so you can simultaneously play and distribute . Apply the latest updates Expand - new tools . For those who already have this library, can not download anything to join the hand.