Mavericks v10.9.1 Retail With Xcode v5.1 Install By Windowns (Mac OSX) | 12.9 GB

1 , This is the Mavericks Mac 10.9.1 Retail has sprung available for all supported machines.
Among them included driver vga, sound, lan, usb wifi vs touchpad mouse, usb, webcam, ...
In this set of software you've added the necessary decompression, entertainment, watch movies, view hidden files, Xcode 5.0.2, vs most of software

Dedicated to edit Mac OS ....
Attached Image Rdriver software to restore your machine out.
2 , the Mavericks Set up your hard drive: create one partition is NTFS format the primary partition (Primary)> = 50GB
Then you install the software on may.Sau R - Image Driver software that opens up and select Restore from an image and the only way to file rdr,
Here in the press box Image partition - File by file creation and subsequent Install.rdr In the Destination box you click the partition name
you created above (Primary vs> = 50GB). And you will see two red brick your mark then click Next and you select Active.
And when you just finished, Next to reboot and select Enter wives Mac.
Hackintosh for you - abtranbn!

Year: 2014
Version : Mavericks 10.9.1 Retail
Developer : abtranbn
Platform : Intel only
Language: Russian + English
Tablet: Program treated (does not require data input / enter any data )
System requirements :Ram > = 2g