The Foundry Nuke 8.0v3

The Foundry Nuke 8.0v3 | 1.2 Gb
The Foundry has released the new version of its node-based compositor, Nuke, which includes many features and updates for artists working across multiple industries.

Version 8 adds a number of new features to Nuke, including a new Dope Sheet timeline (right) and Text node, improvements to grading and colour correction, a Camera Tracker update and new 3D tools.

Clearly impressed by the update, Head of Nuke at The Mill, Hugo Guerra, said during the Nuke 8 launch event: "This update of Nuke cements it as the most powerful compositor in the market today. It doesn't matter if you are making a film, a commercial, a TV show, game cinematics or creating an art installation, you will never be disappointed with its unique scalability and raw versatility."

Bug Fixes in release 8.0v3:

- BUG ID 37798 - Windowsonly: Nuke8.0v2 brokeNDK compatibility with 8.0 by changing theaccessspecifierof
getPlaneFromChannel(Channel chan) frompublicto protected.
Thischangehasbeen reverted to restorecompatibility with Nuke8.0v1.
- BUG ID 40135 - Alembic: TheReadGeo use geometry color controldid not default to disabled.
- BUG ID 40385 - NDK Documentation: Thereweretwo pagesmissing fromthebundled documentation regarding
- BUG ID 40475 - OnlineHelp: ThePreferences > Control Panels > documentation source dropdown defaulted
to local, ratherthan foundry.

About The Foundry

The Foundry was established in 1996. It is now the fastest-growing company in its field today, and is internationally renowned for its product design and collaborative and open approach to development.

Led by CEO Bill Collis and a management team that still includes the original founders, The Foundry is backed by The Carlyle Group with a substantial portion still owned by the staff.

In September 2012, The Foundry merged with Luxology, an independent US-based technology company. As a joint entity the company develops award-winning computer graphics and visual effects (VFX) software used globally by leading artists and designers. The Foundry has a stable of award-winning 2D and 3D VFX software including its industry standard compositor NUKE. Luxology is well known for its innovative 3D modelling and rendering technology and its flagship product, modo.

This rapidly growing global company now has more than 200 employees distributed between its London, Mountain View and Los Angeles offices.

Name: The Foundry Nuke
Version: (64bit) 8.0v3

Interface: english
OS: Windows / MacOsx / Linux
Size: 1.2 Gb