STN Mofo Delay for Nebula-6581
STN Mofo Delay for Nebula-6581 | 840.399 MB WITH TASTE AND QUALITY 6581 BRINGS YOU NEW INSPIRATION LIKE PLAYING A SID STATION WITH NEW INNOVATION AND MORE ========== STN.Mofo.Delay.for.Nebula Release.Date: 01-2015 Release.Format: N2P/N2V Release.Size: 18 * 47,68MB Release.Number: 6581-0655 Protection: n/a Cracker: n/a Supplier: Team 6581 Operating.System: Windows Macintosh let';s have a look at what is in there MoFo Delay Nebula Programs Overview Captured from the standard in analog delay Twenty six delay programs. 60-185 BPM in 5 BPM increments Dry program (Zero feedback) 24/96 838.34MB remember the times when it was as easy as that??? Installation: 1) Extract the zip 2) Use your brain 3) Enjoy! C'mon, it really isn't that hard just make use of your brain MORE INFO 6581 likes to throw some shouts to: all creative musicians out there in the scene 6581 is currently looking for: talented crackers, weed and global peace Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks