ProTerra - Professional 3D Environments and Stage Lights for FCPX (Mac OS X) | 19 MB

Want to create a clean 3D environment to show off images and text? With PROTERRA from Pixel Film Studios, you can create a stage for your action and then control a 3D camera and lights to illuminate your text and images from all angles in Final Cut Pro X. With this collection of 80 presets, you can make an impressive slide show presentation or corporate video with FCPX.

Set the Stage in FCPX
PROTERRA provides 8 different stage floor patterns for you to choose from in Final Cut Pro X. Simply preview them in Final Cut Pro X titles browser and drag the one you like into the timeline. After creating the floor, you can also add a color or image as the backdrop for the stage.

Control the Enviroment
After creating your stage, PROTERRA allows you to control the environment of your scene with the FCPX Inspector. Add particles to your scene for your 3D camera to travel through, or adjust the shadows and reflection on your stage floor in the click of a button.

Change the Lighting
With PROTERRA you have total control over the lights in your scene. You can change the light type, 3D orientation, and rotation of them to point wherever you need. You can also change their individual colors to set the mood.

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