norCTrack - Yamaha TYROS 2 KONTAKT
norCTrack - Yamaha TYROS 2 KONTAKT P2P | 57.3 GB Ready awaited virtual instrument norCtrack TYROS 2 KONTAKT INSTRUMENT. This is a completely new level of sonic realism and musical expression, based on the latest proprietary technology: Super Articulation (S.Art). Play as much as you used to, and Super Articulation technology will give authenticity MegaVoice-melody that you play, adding each instrument its unique features - for example, the expressive finger-slides on the guitar fretboard, or live saxophone. ========== In Tyros2 Kontakt Instrument has a lot of realistic sounds, covering virtually all categories of existing instruments, as well as all the sounds of the world! For example in the section of the organs you can choose from the theater organ to jazz, from classics to rock.Special scheme Live!, Cool! and Sweet! are you the widest range of sounds of acoustic and electric tools, they obtained mixing recorded stereo and imposed samples that convey a sense of presence, resonance, expression and vibrato of the real instruments.In this Kontakt Instrument we have provided a set of tools to digital signal processing - effects, allowing improve the sound in various ways. (for example, due to the effects of reverberation, chorus, filters and EQ), or completely change it.Beautiful and intuitive interface (Kontakt GUI) make your job easier. You can easily set up the sound directly at the interface.Also, we have provided the arpeggiator, which will help you to create different variations of arpeggio. Compatibility: PC OS Windows & Mac SOFTWARE requirements: Native Instruments Kontakt 4.1 or high versions Language of the interface: English Size: 57.3 Gb (on 15 DVD Disc) 609 NKI Files with Kontakt GUI Included: All patches of YAMAHA TYROS 2 Sample Key Range: 88 Velocity: 1 to 8 on demand of sounds layers: 1 to 3 on demand of sounds Super Articulation technology: YES Arpeggiator: YES OVER 1035 Sounds Included - Piano - El.Pianos - Clavi - Strings (looped) - Guitars (looped only long sounds) - Bass (looped only long synth sounds) - Saxophone (looped all) - Flute&WoodWind (looped all) - Organ (looped all) - Trumpet (looped all) - Brass (looped all) - Choir (looped all) - Pad (looped all) - Synth (looped only long sounds) - OrganFlutes (looped) - ChromaticPerc - Drums&Percussion - GM Patches (not all) Homepage Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks