Hollywood Edge European Edition Sound Effects Library Disc 1-20 CDDA-BSOUNDZ

Hollywood Edge European Edition Sound Effects Library Disc 1-20 CDDA-BSOUNDZ | 3.63 GB

Pinewood Studios, London, has always been regarded as the MGM of Europe, unless you are European, then you'd call MGM the Pinewood Studios of America. Whatever your genealogy, we have something that you want to take a listen to. Well, we've got them for you, license-free effects that have been housed at Tape Effects in Pinewood Studios, under lock and key and never before available to the pro's outside the castle. We would like to believe that we can offer you this set from now until the end of time, but we've got them guaranteed for now and at least the next several months.Fully re-mastered, most of these effects are priceless. No matter how much money you threw at it, many can never be created again because they come from a time that will never return again! And, indispensable period sound is just the tip of the iceberg.

Why European sound effects if you are not working on European location projects? At SOUNDELUX, we look for that "never before heard" sound for every project we work on, no matter what the post budget. This series gives us (and you) unlimited opportunities to wow directors. It takes the sound they are hearing in the backs of their minds, but have never heard during a rank and file pre-dub, and puts it "in their face". The EUROPEAN EDITION gets attention. We have found it to be the perfect missing link in "non-foreign" projects. It really stretches the envelope of options for a sound designer. We are talking all genres, like historical, horror, action, fantasy and even romance.

For broadcast, moving into the twenty-first century, innovative effects are even more the rage. Everything is about standing out from the crowd. There is something about Europe. the food, the people, it's another world and it's got a sound of its own.

What we are talking about here is the only comprehensive collection of RARE European vehicles, spanning from the turn of the century to the present day, from a horse-drawn carriage on a cobblestone street to supersonic jets. In addition THE HOLLYWOOD EDGE EUROPEAN EDITION contains unique British and European atmospheres and wallas. Hotels, restaurants, airports, city streets, and even the sounds of the countryside. One listen through and you may find yourself purchasing a ticket to Ireland, one way.

The list goes on, British style telephones, door buzzers, sirens, horns. European racing cars and motorcycles. This extensive collection is filled to the brim. It is a shining star in our series of you-have-never-heard-anything-like-it collections.

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