Android-x86 (KitKat) 4.4-r3 OS On PC and Laptops

Android-x86 (KitKat) 4.4-r3 OS On PC and Laptops | Size 827 MB
Release Date : July 2015
Languages : English - United States

You must be eager to try and install the latest Android-x86 (KitKat) 4.4-r3 operating system by Google on your PC or Laptop
Android X86 - This project Android Open Source project for x86 platforms. The initial plan is to place different patches for android to get support from the x86 open source.
Force participation is carried out independent community porting the Android platform to the architecture x86, which issued a third assembly platform based Android 4.4., The mobile operating system from Google, for computers based on Intel and AMD.
Key Features
The 4.4-r3 release is based on the Android 4.4.4_r2.0.1 (KTU84Q) release. We have fixed and added x86 specified code to let the system runs smoothly on x86 platforms, especially for tablets and netbooks. There are a lot of improvements since the 4.4-r2 release including
Upgrade the kernel to 4.0.8 with more drivers enabled to support modern hardware. Baytrail platform is well supported.
Replace Bluedroid by the Bluez stack. Bluetooth is more stable and usable.
Be able to install image and grub2-efi to GPT partitioned disks.
Add a new sensor HAL to support iio style sensors.
Update Mesa to 10.5.9. Enable hardware acceleration for Nvidia chips (nouveau) and VMware (vmwgfx).
Improve the GPS HAL.
Merge updates from upstream.
More bugfixes.