Already Treated OS X Utilities 07012016
Already Treated OS X Utilities 07012016 | 239.59 MB Includes: 1/Unclutter 2.0.6 Unclutter is a new handy place on your desktop for storing notes, files and pasteboard clips. To open, simply move the pointer to the very top of screen and scroll down. Drag items from other applications to the top of screen to store them in Unclutter ========== 2/CuteFTP Pro 3.1.3 CuteFTP Mac Professional is the most advanced Mac FTP client available. It's Mac OS X Universal ready, has a multi-threaded thin "Metal" (Cocoa) interface, powerful automation features, and strong security for protecting your FTP sessions. 3/Nvidia Web Driver for 10.11.2 346.03.04f02 System requirements: OS X El Capitan Description: More performant than built-in system, driver Nvidia. Improve the picture quality and performance for almost all cards, even not officially supported. 4/Disk Diet 5.3.1 Description: Disk Diet - Clean hard drive Free space on any drive with one click. With more than 5000 top international assessments and world class support, it is a necessary tool for every Mac user 5/ColorSnapper 2 v1.1.0 System requirements: * Intel, 64-bit processor * OS X 10.9 or newer Description: ColorSnapper is a tool "color chooser" for developers Application for application developers, web developers and designers, allowing the pipette to take the color in different formats. The recording colors in HTML are common in the field of web design and CSS styles. 6/Disk Diag 1.4 System requirements: * OS X 10.7 or newer * 64-bit processor Description: Clean disk space in just a few clicks. Disk Diag is an amazing utility to clean the disk with multiple awards and over 1 million downloads worldwide. 7/AnyToISO Pro 3.7.2 System requirements: * Intel * Mac OS� X 10.6 or newer * 256 MB RAM * 40 MB of free disk space Description: AnyToISO Pro - creation of ISO from other formats/drives/folders Downloaded CD/DVD image in an unknown format? There is no need to search for or buy expensive commercial software that supports it - one program works with all formats. 8/VisualDiffer 1.6.6 System requirements: * OS X 10.9 or later * 64-bit processor Description: VisualDiffer compares side-by-side folders and files using colors to visually show differences. From the interface you can perform operations with folders and files like copying or deleting. This can be compared with the rapid select the folder from the context menu. Using the file filter feature is possible to hide from visualization specific files like. Git. SVN directories or the omnipresent. DS_Store File. 9/UninstallPKG 1.0.19 System requirements: * Intel, 64-bit processor * OS X 10.8 or newer Description: UninstallPKG is an application that allows You to completely remove so called "packages" (file extension .pkg) and all their installed contents from Your Mac. UninstallPKG can be used to clean free space on disk , for example to remove unused printer driver or completely remove applications You no longer use. UninstallPKG helps keep Your Mac clean, removing the remains of applications that You have already partially removed manually. UninstallPKG can delete all files 37290 Office 2011 immediately or completely remove things like Java or Flash plugin. Also UninstallPKG after the uninstall, remove it from the Dock and auto-run (optional). 10/Battery Health 5.1 System requirements: * OS X 10.7.4 or later, * 64-bit processor Description: Battery Health is the most comprehensive tool for obtaining vital information about your MacBook's battery, such as current charge level, battery capacity, energy consumption, temperature, charge cycles and more. Battery Health provides detailed information about the health of MacBook battery (max flow rate, level of health in percentage), time of use and details such as the cycles of the battery, age, temperature, information on the battery charger and more. 11/Living Earth - Desktop Weather & World Clock 1.24 System requirements: * OS X 10.7 or later, * 64-bit processor Award-winning app for iPhone and IPad now available for Mac. C a single click in the menu bar will be available to all countries and weather for millions of cities around the world. This all happens in real time. Global cloud cover, live Wallpaper and screensaver transforms your desktop into space. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks