Submersible Music DrumCore SlyPack I DrummerPack DVDR-DYNAMiCS

Submersible Music DrumCore SlyPack I DrummerPack DVDR-DYNAMiCS | 1.07 GB

More reggae beats by the drums behind Marley, Tosh and Black Uhuru. This is the real deal in reggae drumming. As half of "Sly & Robbie," reggae's premier rhythm section,

Sly Dunbar has appeared on records by legends such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Black Uhuru and Burning Spear. He has also played with non-reggae artists such as Grace Jones, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, and Herbie Hancock. His latest work is in the classic "Dub" style.
SlyPack I is for those who want authentic reggae and classic ska drums. From its light and playful hi-hat figures to the snare drops and ghost notes, this groove pack captures the sounds of a true Jamaican "riddim" king.

GrooveSets Include:

Africa?Kind of a "2-beat." Variations include half-open hats, march, open hi-hat pushes, etc.

Black Sun Ska?Relax and groove 'mon. Average of 5 variations and 5 fills per tempo.

Bull Pen?Quirky but straight 4 (kick on 1), with lots of stick, timbale, march and tom variations.

Drop Legs?A dancing 1-drop beat. Variations include stick, open hats and marches.

Ion Zion?Based on a straight four groove - it includes bongo, timbale, toms, march snare, etc.

J Guy?Pop/rock reggae with some tom, push and hatty variations. Average 5 fills per tempo.

Mash It Up?Cool variations like pony, monkey, sneaky, skippy, flutter, trippin', tik-tok.

Nuff Drops?One drop with some nice twists like drags, skips, bongos, timbales, sticks, etc.

Phoenix Ska?Big city energy. Variations with ride and hats with around 6 fills per tempo.

Sinsemilla?Straight four reggae beat with lots of march snare, tom and timbale variations.

Sponji?Squirmin' reggae beats with "plenty" variations.

Wicked World?Reggae/ska groove with tons of variations including tight or open hi-hats.

NOTE: SlyPack I and all DrummerPacks require DrumCore 1.5 and a DVD drive.

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