Digital Juice Drag and Drop Series 3 Bundle D2 Film Burns

Digital Juice Drag and Drop Series 3 Bundle D2 Film Burns | 3.42 GB
With 9 all-new volumes of high quality clip-based visual effects, Drag & Drop Series 3 delivers more of what every video editor, motion designer or video effects artist needs to make their productions extraordinary.

The variety in these new categories of effects covers the gamut from the sparkling glints in Glass Facets to the ethereal light-play in Crystal Caustics and from the powerful framing in Dynamic Edge to the pulsing beat of the spotlit effects of Party Time. These drag-and-drop clips save you time and aggravation, while enhancing and enlivening each and every project they touch in a unique way.
Simply by dragging any of these effects clips on top of your footage with the appropriate blend mode, you can elevate your footage from the mundane to the sublime, raising the production value of your project instantly, and making you look like an editing genius in seconds. All effects are Quicktime clips that work with all editing and motion design software including Avid, Premiere, Vegas, Final Cut, After Effects, Motion and more. In this promo video, check out just how quickly and easily you can get the professional looks you've dreamed about with no plugins, no heavy renders, and no hassles!