ArchiCAD 18 Build 6000 (Mac OS X)

ArchiCAD 18 Build 6000 (Mac OS X) | 1.64 GB
ArchiCAD 18 offers industry-first, real-time BIM collaboration regardless of the size, location or set-up of the collaborating team. GRAPHISOFT?s BIMcloud Solution goes far beyond basic cloud services offerings available on the market today. It is an all-round cloud-based collaboration solution providing the complete software layer necessary for deployment on premises as a private cloud solution or in the public cloud as a cloud service.

ArchiCAD 18 offers a streamlined workflow solution, keeping architects in the state of the creative design flow with as little disruption as possible. The integration of CineRender, MAXON?s world-class CINEMA 4D rendering engine into ArchiCAD 18, brings high quality, photo-realistic rendering images closer to a much wider range of designers.
New in version 18:
- Built-in visualization CineRender, created by MAXON Computer for CINEMA 4D - high quality photorealistic imaging continues to be the main way to demonstrate to the client the ideas of the architect. Integration into the ArchiCAD 18 professional rendering engine CineRender, developed by MAXON for CINEMA 4D, making it accessible to more users. Quality visualizations created by the touch of a button, can compete with the results obtained by careful tuning huge number of parameters - it enables both novice and professional users to perform imaging without leaving loved BIM-applications. In addition, dynamic preview and support for background calculations make the process smooth and uninterrupted visualization. Full support for exporting files from ArchiCAD 18 CINEMA 4D allows users to reduce the time visualization with distributed computing technology, realized in CINEMA 4D.
- Built-in change management - data exchange with customers, experts and related sections of the design with the consent of an additional burden on architects and designers. ArchiCAD 18 monitors and automatically documents the changes in the model of the projected building, eliminating the possibility of any questions related to any adjustments to the project. Implemented in ArchiCAD 18 change management features fully integrated into the process of BIM-design and operates in 2D and in 3D-space.
- Superior communication based on PDF. The PDF format has become one of the worldwide standards used to transmit drawings and many other purposes. Implemented in the ArchiCAD 18 BIM-support information and the hierarchical structure of the data present in the files PDF, simplifies the process of interaction of participants of the design.
- OPEN BIM and working with IFC. In ArchiCAD 18 continues to improve the process of interaction of IFC-based occupational schemes appointment and management of data, as well as a certified high-quality export functions. To increase the level of interaction between the design in ArchiCAD 18 is implemented full support for the format BCF. BIM Collaboration Format - this is an open file format that allows you to add text and image comments on elements IFC-model. Information BCF integrated directly into BIM-model using the Markup, making ArchiCAD one of the leading BIM-applications (including software model checking and application of constructive and engineering design) that support the format BCF.
- Integration GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud. The true potential of BIM is revealed in the organization of collective work on the same BIM-project. Thanks to full integration with the GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud, ArchiCAD 18 provides unprecedented opportunities BIM-interaction, regardless of the number of participants in the design, their location, or the composition of project teams. Cloud technologies eliminate any restrictions for users of ArchiCAD.
- General workflow improvements. In addition to the brand new opportunities affecting different aspects of design, ArchiCAD 18 in the substantially improved and some previously implemented features that once again demonstrates the care GRAPHISOFT to the wishes of users.