SimLab Composer 2015 v6.1.5 - 64bit [Multilanguage] [Cracked AMPED] [AT-TEAM]

SimLab Composer 2015 v6.1.5 - 64bit [Multilanguage] [Cracked AMPED] [AT-TEAM] | 535.73 MB

SimLab Composer is an easy to use 3D tool, which enables you to make the most of your 3D models.

SimLab Composer enables you to do the following:

- Transfer 3D models between CAD, Design, and Visualization applications.
- Quickly create interactive 3D PDF files to share work with clients.
- Make impressive rendered images, using the fast and physically accurate renderer included in SimLab Composer.

Simlab Composer Exciting Features:

Simple, yet powerful
SimLab Composer was built with the user in mind. We understand time is precious; so we designed SimLab Composer to be a powerful tool that is easy to master.

Multiple 3D Format Support
Designed to be the ultimate 3D sharing tool, SimLab composer supports many of the widely used 3D formats, including:
SketchUp, Rhino, STEP, IGES, Collada, 3D PDF, 3D XML from CATIA, FBX, Obj, 3DS, DXF, U3D, STL, SolidWorks*, and DWG*

Solidworks and DWG file formats are only supported on Windows version of Simlab Composer.
Please click here for a full list of supported 3D file formats

Super fast and accurate renderer
SimLab Composer includes high quality, accurate, and fast global illumination renderer, which makes creating high quality images an easy task.

Multiple Operating Systems Support
SimLab Composer is supported on Windows and Mac OS.

The right tool to build 3D scenes
In addition to the 3D draggers found in modern 3D applications, SimLab Composer offers unique tools like snap to object and snap to ground to make building scenes intuitive.

Maintaining the assembly structure
Simlab Composer has the unique ability of maintaining the assembly structure while importing or exporting 3D scenes. Having the assembly structure intact, brings life to 3D models, it makes them self explanatory to clients, and ready for rendering and animation.

Sharing 3D scenes
SimLab Composer supports exporting different formats for sharing 3D scenes, those format include 3D PDF, WaveFront (obj), Collada, FBX, KeyShot (bip), STL, OSG and IVE. SimLab Composer enables the user to pack the 3D scene with all its textures in one zip file that can be used on different machines.

Generate texture coordinates
For models with no texture coordinates, Simlab Composer enables the user to generated box, planer, spherical and cylindrical texture coordinates.

Create 3D Text
Simlab Composer has the ability to add 3D text to any scene, All what you need to do is to set text, select font and size.

New features SimLab Composer 6.1:

Install notes:
- Install, do not run
- Contents of the folder "Crack", copy to the root directory of the program
- Default directory is C: / Program Files / SimLab / SimLab Composer 6
- Run the program

Win 10 - screen after installation: