Delcam PartMaker 2016 R1 SP1

Delcam PartMaker 2016 R1 SP1 | 506.0 mb

Delcam has updated the latest version of its PartMaker software for programming CNC mills, lathes, wire EDMs, turn-mill centres and Swiss-type lathes. PartMaker 2016 represents a total game-changer in the field of CAM software for production machining, offering an unprecedented level of power and ease of use.

Major highlights of PartMaker 2016 include powerful 2ВЅ axis milling strategies, support for the import of multiple solid models into a single PartMaker CAM project file, specialist support for broaching, and faster 2D CAD drafting and toolpath selection.

In addition to these technologies, PartMaker Version 2016 includes over fifty additional new features and enhancements.

Headlining PartMaker 2016 is a completely revamped approach to 2½ axis milling operations across the entire product range including PartMaker Mill, Turn-Mill and SwissCAM. PartMaker 2016 offers a host of new 2½ axis milling options based on parent company Delcam’s proprietary milling technology, technology developed and supported by the industry’s largest CAM-focused development team. This new milling functionality is specifically targeted at the needs of production machining applications, allowing users not only to program faster but also machine parts faster than ever before.

The new milling toolpath technology included in PartMaker 2016 offers an unprecedented combination of power and ease of use. It allows users to create highly efficient and sophisticated toolpath strategies without even requiring a solid model.

PartMaker 2016 also offers users the ability to import multiple solid models into a single PartMaker CAM project file (*.JOB file). Additionally, this new functionality lets users quickly extract multiple parts from an imported solid assembly and so allows more flexible programming of complex parts as well as improved ability to manipulate milling workholding in PartMaker’s CAM environment.

PartMaker 2016 also includes the CAM software industry’s first, dedicated functionality for broaching. Broaching is a deformative manufacturing technique for creating features with sharp corners. While broaching has its roots in old world screw machine technology, it has become a popular machining technique today, particularly in the medical device field in bone screw applications with hex shapes, Torx or Hex lobular and square and spline drives.

PartMaker 2016 automates the programming of both index and rotary (also known as wobble) broaching operations in an intuitive and visual manner. The software allows broaching operations to be simulated using powerful, 3D simulation.

About Delcam plc

Delcam is a world-leading developer and supplier of advanced CADCAM software, with more than 35,000 customers in over 80 countries. These clients vary from global names like Nike, Boeing and Mattel to small start-ups and individual craftsmen. Founded 30 years ago, we are the largest developer of product development software in the UK, with subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia. Our global success has been recognised with many awards, including three Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in the last six years.

Name: Delcam PartMaker
Version: (64bit) 2016 R1 SP2 (CB 1055217)
Interface: multilanguage
OS: ShiChuang 7even / 8 / 10
Size: 506.0 mb