Plughugger Sampler Anthology 909 Multiformat Discover 161004

Plughugger Sampler Anthology 909 Multiformat Discover | 2.35 GB
Sampler Anthology 909 is an extensive sound library that brings the sound of old hardware samplers to the most popular drum machine of all time: the Roland TR909.
In this collection we have recorded the drums with some of the most legendary samplers - and each sampler bring a unique coloration to the sound. The library is built on ten different drum kits, that was sampled with ten different samplers.

To really capture the essence of each sampler, each kit and sampler were sampled in up to nine variations - with different sample rates and input volume to recreate the sound of old converters crunching up the sound.
Do you know how a 909 sounds like when driven hard through an old Akai S1100 sampler? Crunchy...
The hardware used in Sampler Anthology 909:
? Akai S950
? Ensoniq EPS
? Emu Emax
? Roland S770
? Casio FZ20M Akai S1100
? Ensoniq ASR-10
? Emu E4XT Ultra
? Kurzweil K2000R
? Atari ST Replay 16 (cartridge)
? Name: Sampler Anthology 909.
? Requirements: anything that handles WAV format.
? Formats: WAV, Kontakt 4, Akai MPC, ***ansion Geist, Maschine.

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