Allegorithmic Bitmap2Material 3.1.2 Build 17903 (Win/Mac)

Allegorithmic Bitmap2Material 3.1.2 Build 17903 (Win/Mac) | 34.13 MB | 39.17 MB

Bitmap2Material 3 Generate all your needed outputs from a single image. Substance B2M allows you to generate all those PBR outputs from a single input image: base color, normal, metallic, roughness, ambient occlusion.

Generate the metallic map
Easily obtain a metallic map from the image using simple tools, or an input mask. This feature is essential when working in PBR.

Full control over microsurface
Control and adjust the finest details of your material thanks to the comprehensive set of parameters exposed by B2M. This includes adjusting the generated roughness map, for PBR.

Remove seams
Substance B2M provides the ability to make any material tile. You do not need to care anymore about making your photography tile, B2M takes care of it for you. You can choose between 2 modes of tiling: offset or splat.

Shape recognition
Substance B2M is the only map extractor which can keep the original shapes of your picture among all your maps.

Adjust highlights and shadows
This allows you to create the base color (or albedo) for PBR and can be done in just a few clicks.

Substance files can be imported in many substance compatible software to simplify your workflow and save you time.

What's New in Version 3.1.2 Build 17903:

New Features:
- [UI] Support for High-DPI resolutions
- [UI] Icons rework
- [3D View] Allow to save render (Camera>Save Render)
- [3D View] Have the possibility to choose the render resolution (Camera>Edit)
- [3D View] Add orthographic view (Camera>Edit)

- [3D View] IBL Diffuse reflection is too strong
- [3D View] Redocking 3D View make the viewport full black
- [3D View] Crash when setting some images as Panorama (using drag and drop)
- [3D View] Toolbar menu does not behave like a regular menu