Golden Software Didger 5.11.1438

Golden Software Didger 5.11.1438 | 91 MB

Golden Software Didger - a standalone program digitizing maps, executed in a Windows environment. It is used to transform paper card options, graphics, aerial photographs and other graphical information into digital format. This makes it possible to transform the various graphical objects (points, lines or areal sections: wells, observation points, sampling points, roads, streams, forests, border towns and regions and so on.) Into data that can be exported in the following file formats: text .dat, Golden .bln, Atlas .bna, AutoCad .dxf, Windows Metafile .wmf and Windows Bitmap .bmp.

In addition to digitization of graphic objects, the package allows you to perform a number of useful operations: calculating the length of the broken line, and the perimeter and area of ​​a polygon; Changing the image size on the screen; using a variety of means can edit the line shape and area; view and edit data for all objects in the spreadsheet, and so on. In addition Didger includes built-in help system, as well as the calibration wizard digitizer tablet.

Software American company Golden Software (GS) is quite well known in the users environment, engaged in research of the Earth - geologists, hydrogeologists, oil and gas producers, seismologists, ecologists, meteorologists, and others (see PC Week / RE, N 16/95.). . Since the late 80s Surfer bags, the Grapher, and MapViewer and then became well known in Russia, but, unfortunately, often until the level of illegal copies.

At the beginning of 1997 it was released a new software product Didger, the long-awaited addition to the family packages GS, designed to digitize a variety of cartographic and graphic information. In its first announcement of the package Didger Golden Software company announced that in the autumn of 1995 it has attracted 70 members to conduct a beta test, and on the basis of their proposals in its composition included several new features.

Golden Software Didger - an extremely accurate image capture software that allows you to transfer points, lines or shapes from flat paper maps, charts, aerial photographs or other images into a universal digital format for use by other programs.

All the advanced features geopositioning, digitizing, coordinate transformation and mapping in a single cost-effective, application performance. The best tool for processing geographical information and data conversion, which is suitable for any cartography, geology, oil and gas professional or GIS analyst. You can use Didger for accurate conversion of maps, graphs, pictures from the air and other graphical data in a convenient and flexible digital format. This format can be used not only in Didger, but also in other applications.

OS - Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)
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