Aleks Linux LXDE Kwin Jessie Windows Style x86 16106

Aleks Linux LXDE Kwin Jessie Windows Style x86 | 1.56 GB

Linux operating system based on Debian Jessie. System non-standard desktop LXDE and KDE sessions. A "hodgepodge" simulation tables Win XP, Win 7. Win 8, Win 10 and other themes the Linux. Simulation table 3.5 KDE and LXDE in a modern software environment. Table base KDE Window Manager.
Additional information:

* Rearrange panel with lxpanel on kickoff (from mandriva) Fork independent of the use of the table;
* The content and view on screen;
* All the locale stored;
* By default, input in Russian language.
* Login name: user
* Password: 123

* Perform the installation in English, to enter this data in English for entry;
* Simple and EFI on an MBR installation to GPT disks;
* Recording on a USB flash drive using Rufus or Unetbootin in Windows or Linux.

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